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10 out of 10

Triton Steel Sperm Stopper Glans Ring 25mm Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Kurosakikun

The Triton Steel Sperm Stopper Glans Ring 25mm is the latest in a range of stainless steel urethral play toys I have tested for the Pleasure Panel.  The super stainless steel toy is designed to slip over the head of the penis, nestling its glans ring underneath the head of your cock with its ball pressed right into your frenulum, while the steel ball end of the curved arm sits about an inch inside the urethra!  All sounds like fun to me!


The Triton Steel Sperm Stopper Glans Ring 25mm is housed in familiar packaging for this range of stainless urethral toys, plastic casing with cardboard insert and barely a word of what the product is, although with the whole toy on display, it would be difficult not to know what it is!  What little wording is on the packaging is simple, but noteworthy, cleaning instructions.

The packaging is, thankfully, very easy to open, there’s a handy hinged section on the rear which makes it super simple to get at your new sperm stopper.  Once you have finished using it, you can reuse the packaging to store the Triton toy safe and secure.

Material and Measurements

The stainless steel used to construct the Triton Steel Sperm Stopper Glans Ring 25mm is highly polished medical grade stainless steel and is the kind of metal you would use in a body piercing.  This steel is the most body safe you can use and will not tarnish or rust easily.  It will not hold smells from any bodily fluids and will sanitise and clean really easily.

The glans ring that the Triton Steel Sperm Stopper comes with is, as advertised in the title, 25mm in diameter.  After measuring with a professional digital vernier, it came up slightly smaller at 24mm.  The glans ring is attached to a large steel ball and curved arm, which has another steel ball at the end of it.  This steel ball, which is used for insertion, measured at 7.9mm, which is pretty much bang on the 8mm advertised on the website.


Measurements!  A marvellous thing that allows you to know the size of something before you buy it (or agree to review it!).  I really, REALLY, should have taken notice of the 25mm measurement in the description of the toy before trying it out.  With an erection, the 25mm glans, for me, was impossible to wear, it was simply too small.  After wrestling with the glans ring and applying A LOT of lubrication, I managed to get it in the correct place but once I started getting a fuller erection the whole thing is pushed off the end of the penis.

Size matters!  Or at least in the case of getting the correct size glans ring it does.

After having a 30mm glans ring fit snugly on me previously, I did not realise how much of a difference 5mm makes but let me tell you, it makes a huge difference.  Luckily, all the three Triton stainless steel urethral toys I own have interchangeable glans rings!  So by taking the 30mm glans ring off a previous review toy and attaching it to this, I was able to enjoy it to the full!

Glans ring attached, the Triton Steel Sperm Stopper is now the perfect size for me.  Slipping it on over the head of the penis is easy with lubrication and it kinda ‘snaps’ into place when it snuggles underneath the head.  The correct orientation of the sperm stopper is to have the large ball sitting at the backside of the penis, pushing against the frenulum.  Once in place, you can swing the curved arm over the tip of the penis and insert the urethral steel ball.  I always use water based lubricant for urethral play as it will not hang around for hours and is generally absorbed nicely and is non-harmful internally.

Once the Triton Steel Sperm Stopper is completely in place and inserted, if the glans ring is the correct size, it should not budge while you have an erection.  I found it sits comfortably and does not catch at all during any motion which involves the foreskin overlapping the head of the penis and the toy.  The frenulum ball feels brilliant pushing into the back of the head of the penis, which is full to bursting with blood due to the pressure from the glans ring.  Compliment this heightened feeling of pleasure with the 8mm stainless steel ball sitting inside the urethra and you’re onto a winner.

Triton Steel Sperm Stopper Glans Ring 25mm Review

Triton Steel Sperm Stopper Glans Ring 25mm Review

Triton Steel Sperm Stopper Glans Ring 25mm Review

Orgasms are super strong, but don’t be fooled by the name of the toy, this will not stop ejaculation.  You will still cum and the ejaculate will come out past the 8mm ball.  If you want to stop ejaculation, you will need to have a full solid sound inserted into the length of the urethra to enable a retrograde ejaculation.  The sperm stopper will disrupt the flow of semen, but not stop it.

As a gentle reminder, even though this only sits about an inch inside the urethra, you still need to take it slowly, have patience and listen to your body.  If you experience any sharp pain or lingering aching, stop using and wait until any pain has subsided.  I always find initial insertion to be the most painful (normally a light ‘burning’ sensation).


The Triton Steel Sperm Stopper Glans Ring 25mm is a well crafted steel toy and is a great addition to anyone’s urethral play collection; just make sure you get the correct size!  I have to give it 10 out of 10 as there’s not a thing I can think of that lets it down, easy to wear, comfortable and contributes to much stronger orgasms.  Brill!

– Kurosakikun

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kurosakikun for this review of the Triton Steel Sperm Stopper Glans Ring 25mm.

The Triton Steel Sperm Stopper Glans Ring 25mm was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Fetch Shop. 

Triton Steel Sperm Stopper Glans Ring 25mm Review


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