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10 out of 10

Tracy’s Dog Spiral Vibrating Wand Massager Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Fesure Maybe

I was sent the Tracy’s Dog Spiral Vibrating Wand Massager to review by Cara Sutra. Some description of the toy to start: this is a vibrating wand that can be used as a clitoral stimulator or a G-spot massager, both of which it is very good at. Firstly looking at the material of the toy, this is assured to be body safe as it is made from a medical grade silicone and also ABS Plastic which is free from phthalates which is good. The toy I received is a lovely looking pink colour which suited me as it’s very feminine and made it appealing to me.

From top to bottom the Tracy’s Dog Spiral Vibrating Wand Massager is 20cm length wise and 4.5 cm width wise which is a decent size. You do have to bear in mind that the whole toy isn’t insertable to the base; I would say there is a good 7-8 cm that isn’t as that’s where you find the recharging point and battery for the toy. It gives you a good 10-12 cm for inserting if you choose to use to that way or you can simply keep it as a clitoral toy.

The Tracy’s Dog Spiral Vibrating Wand Massager is rechargeable, so it comes with a wire which plugs into the back of the toy and you simply plug it into a charger into the wall. This one did stump me a little as I presumed it plugged into the bottom. I spent ages trying to get the white cap at the bottom off and it would not budge. I re looked at the instructions which were very basic and didn’t explain very well where to plug it in. I know I seem a little stupid about now but I finally after many hours of looking and getting frustrated I put my glasses on and on the back of the toy I found not very clear lettering stating DC and a hole which was covered by rubber. I preceded to push the wire in and… ta dah, I got it charging! So maybe the simple instructions on this one would be a negative point for this review, it would be better with more pictures and instructions. The up side to the Tracy’s Dog Spiral Vibrating Wand Massager is the fact that it’s rechargeable with no batteries required and will hold up to four hours charge. This is amazing because you don’t have to worry about it dying in the middle of play.

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Looking more at the use of it I tried two different lubricants with the Tracy’s Dog Spiral Vibrating Wand Massager. I firstly used a silkier lube and found this to be the better of the two. It seemed to be smoother on the toy and make it easier to insert. I tried a creamy lube and found this to wear off after a while on the Tracy’s Dog Spiral Vibrating Wand Massager and also leave a weird residue. So definitely use a water based lubricant with this for easier inserting or different sensations. This toy is also easy to clean as it is 100% waterproof so I could put it straight under the tap and give it a good wash with some basic soap.

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I used the Tracy’s Dog Spiral Vibrating Wand Massager as more of a G-spot toy and found it to hit the right points and spots every time. It has seven different speeds so it gives you a wider variety of choices depending on the mood you are in. It’s very easy to insert and has a nice shape to it making it sit comfortably during play. The ridges add to the feel of it and seem to curve nicely to massage against the clit making it a double bonus of hitting two spots in one. I tried this also as a clit stimulator on its own and it was just as amazing, making me climax quickly. I also tried this in the bath as it was 100% waterproof and found it to be just as nice and still work perfectly well. It isn’t an overly loud toy which is good and makes me less anxious using it if other people are in the house making it a considerably discreet toy. I just think there was a lot of positives to this toy and it came in a cute little bag for storage which is handy if I want to keep it in the drawer and be discreet at the same time.

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Overall I would recommend the Tracy’s Dog Spiral Vibrating Wand Massager to someone as it is a good length, it has a nice feel to the toy itself. It is great with or without lube and has awesome ridges to it. Also it is rechargeable and has a long battery life. So I would give the Tracy’s Dog Spiral Vibrating Wand Massager a big 10/10 as it has to be one of the best toys I’ve had in a while!

– Fesure Maybe

Editor’s Note

Buyer beware: It has become apparent that the Tracy’s Dog manufacturer are being at best cagey & at worst downright dishonest about the materials used in their sex toys & intimate use products. For a thorough examination I recommend you read respected sex toy reviewer Dangerous Lilly’s post here before making up your own mind. I personally will not be using any of the Tracy’s Dog sex toys, and all CaraSutra affiliations with this manufacturer have ceased as of January 2017.

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Fesure Maybe for this review of the Tracy’s Dog Spiral Vibrating Wand Massager ($26.99, which equates to approx £21 at today’s rates)

This vibrator was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Tracy’s Dog sex toys.

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