Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager – Pleasure Panel Review

9 out of 10

Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer JustJess

I was sent a Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager (available here at by Cara Sutra as part of her Pleasure Panel free of charge in exchange for an open and honest review, this in way affects my opinion of the product.

When I saw the list of toys available to review I was instantly drawn to the Tracy’s Dog sex toys, I’d never heard of the company before but the toys looked interesting, seemed relatively cheap and the name made me giggle; it actually reminded me of a few sex toy or dog toy games I’ve seen online and I couldn’t wait to play for myself.

After being selected to test the Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager I read a few of the Amazon reviews for this and other toys in the range. Every review seemed positive but all noted they’d received the sex toy free or at a discount in exchange for their review. This did make me slightly apprehensive but as I review myself and they appeared to be a fledgling company I dismissed my fears and hoped for the best.

On arrival I was initially impressed; the box was classy in black and pink without a hint of the contents within, I liked the discretion and always prefer toys without garish/explicit images on the front. Inside was a stylish grey suede pouch, embossed with the company name and logo which I thought was a great touch and was unexpected for toy that retails for under £30. The vibrator itself along with the charging cable were then sealed in a bag with the instructions.

My Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager is a magenta purple colour, the silicone has a matte finish and is silky smooth to the touch, the shaft is firm with just a hint of silicone squidge. From end to tip this measures approx 20 cm, 11cm around the widest part of the head and 7cm around the narrowest point on the shaft.

According to Amazon the Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager is made of 100% body-safe medical grade silicone, is water resistant and phthalate-free; the instruction leaflet also states the material is silicone+ABS – both body safe materials – I haven’t always been as conscious of toy materials but after hearing some horror stories online about melting dildos and chemical reactions I have since tried to be much more careful.

The only thing that put me off at this stage was the instructions themselves; these seemed very basic, were written in very poor/broken English and didn’t even state the name of the toy or what lube to use with it.

Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager Review-9

I found the company website and was intrigued by their long list of products but was again unimpressed by the poor use of English, also several links on the site seemed to be broken and I couldn’t open the product information on some of their toys.

Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager Review-12

The Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager is rechargeable via a USB cable. The instructions gave no indication of how long to charge for so I left this overnight to ensure a full initial charge. The charging port is hard to spot; it’s just a dot on the reverse and you have to stab the charger through the silicone. Luckily another reviewer had mentioned this – as the port is not at all obvious and piercing the silicone with the charger does feel odd when a product is meant to be waterproof. Amazon claims a 4 hour battery life for this vibrator and I haven’t had to recharge it so far after 3 or 4 uses.

The Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager has 7 different vibrating modes, but unusually for a multi pattern vibrator there are no different speeds and only one constant vibration function; however the vibrations themselves are deep and rumbly! Just turning the wand on in my hand I could feel the strength of the vibrations in the tip and could see my finger tips pulsing to the speed of the toy. I’ve only experienced this level of power in much more expensive toys so I was excited to put the Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager through its paces.

I’m not keen on the vibrating patterns but this is true for me on most vibrators, I find them frustrating rather than teasing and hate feeling myself build only for the speeds/pattern to change and kill my mood as well as my orgasm. The constant speed is strong and rumbly (did I mention rumbles!!) and can bring me to orgasm both internally and clitorally which is virtually unknown for me in one toy.

The curved shaft and slightly bulbous head is perfect for g-spot stimulation and the indentation in the base makes a perfect thumb groove when thrusting hard which led to a squirting orgasm; much to the other half’s dismay as he’d just nipped to the loo!

Used on my clit during sex my Mr could feel the vibrations through his cock too which added another level to our love making; he could also feel the bump midway down the wand and curved end when we used the Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager vaginally during anal sex.

After it’s first marathon run out I was seriously impressed with my new toy; silicone, rumbly vibrations, rechargeable, waterproof, toe curlingly orgasmic – all of the things I look for and love in a vibrator.

I do think Tracy’s Dog need to work on their website and on the information provided with their sex toys but overall I was very impressed by the Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager. I will definitely be looking out for Tracy’s Dog products in the future.


– JustJess

Editor’s Note

Buyer beware: It has become apparent that the Tracy’s Dog manufacturer are being at best cagey & at worst downright dishonest about the materials used in their sex toys & intimate use products. For a thorough examination I recommend you read respected sex toy reviewer Dangerous Lilly’s post here before making up your own mind. I personally will not be using any of the Tracy’s Dog sex toys, and all CaraSutra affiliations with this manufacturer have ceased as of January 2017.

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer JustJess for this review of the Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager ($34.99 which converts to approximately £27 at today’s rates)

This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Tracy’s Dog Sex Toys.

Tracy’s Dog Rechargeable Double Spot Wand Massager Review

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