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2 out of 10

Tracy’s Dog Love Balls Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer My Fucking 40s

I admit it, I am a sporadic, part-time Kegel exerciser.  It’s just one of those things that I know I should do more often (like every other type of exercise).  I’ve just never been able to become truly diligent in terms of working out my muscles… not even my pelvic floor muscles.  I’m over 40 and I carried twins for 39 ½ weeks, so I should really be doing these exercises more regularly.  Luckily, I do not currently have any issues related to weak pelvic floor muscles.  I am still on speaking terms with sneezing, laughing, and coughing since leakage is not a problem.  I would, however, like to keep it that way in the future.  This is why I was very pleased to be assigned the Tracy’s Dog Love Balls (Kegel weights) by Cara Sutra for my first round of being a reviewer on the Pleasure Panel.

The packaging for the Tracy’s Dog Love Balls is simple, yet elegant.  Nice colours of black and a deep pink depict the company’s name and logo with no visible indication of what is inside the box.  The company’s website is displayed on the packaging as well as a product code that leads to an Amazon page.  There are tamper seals on each end of the box along with a statement assuring customers that, “All products of our company is certified safe quality products.”  Grammar issues aside, I was impressed by the packaging.

Unfortunately, the contents of the box were not nearly as impressive.  I didn’t immediately have any issues with the weights themselves, but there was absolutely no product information included at all.  Most sex toys and intimate devices are pretty self-explanatory, so this is excusable in some cases.  Kegel exercisers and weights, though, should fall into the category of things that include at least some type of instruction or information.  There was nothing included that specified their material, the sizes and weights of the balls, how to properly insert them, or what exercises work best while wearing them.

Given the lack of documentation included, I turned to the internet.  I immediately went to the company’s website, Tracy’s Dog, expecting to find more information about the specifics of the weights.  This item is not listed anywhere on the website.  I did find the weights on Amazon though and the page had lots of information like weights, sizes, and materials used.  The weights are listed on Amazon as “Kegel Exercise Kit for Women, Tracy’s dog Silicone Pelvic Floor Weight Set For Bladder Control and Pelvic Floor Exercises (3pcs set)” – Amazon.  Unfortunately, the information on the Amazon page is not all accurate.  The weights and dimensions do not match the measurements that I personally recorded, so the accuracy of the other information is questionable, in my opinion, considering how much effort it took to track down the information and then determining that a large portion of it was not correct.

The Amazon page describes the Tracy’s Dog Love Balls as, “100% Waterproof Medical Grade Silicone Exterior, the seamless and velvet soft exterior of these Kegel exercisers are made from non-porous and simple to clean medical grade silicone, phthalates free, latex free, hypoallergenic, BPA free, dioxin free.”  The measurements that I took show that the three weights are 36 g, 40g, and 40 g with diameters of 1”, 1 ¼”, and 1 ¼” and circumferences of 3 ¼”, 4”, and 4”.  I’m not sure why this product even comes in a three piece set since the two larger weights are exactly the same, except for their shape.

Tracy’s Dog Love Balls Review Pleasure Panel-7

Amazon also lists the Tracy’s Dog Love Balls as containing “a small weighted ball inside each Kegel exerciser that provides biofeedback as you move.”  As far as a can tell, there is no independently moving weight inside.  I can feel no vibrations from within these weights leading me to believe that they are simply solid weights covered in silicone.  In fact, I decided to cut open the smallest weight to see exactly what was inside, a metal ball bearing sized ball.  This doesn’t mean that these weights are lacking, but it’s definitely not what is being advertised.  Hopefully, the statement of them being covered in a body safe, non-porous material is as advertised.

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Based on feel and lack of smell, I do believe that the Tracy’s Dog Love Balls are covered in silicone.  They have a velvety, soft, smooth texture.  They feel really nice to the touch.  The covering is seamless and does not attract much lint, which is always a plus in the world of silicone devices.  They are easy to insert; I didn’t need any lube.  Adding a touch of water based lube would ease insertion for anyone needing a little friction reduction in order to insert.  The retrieval cord has a small bulge in it, that I assume (again with the lack of instructions) is meant to the used to determine proper placement of the weight within the vagina.  Removing the weight was also very easy for me.

While the feel of the Tracy’s Dog Love Balls is lovely and they seem well made, I’m just not sure that they are providing me with any benefits.  As I mentioned earlier, there are really only two sizes in terms of weight and diameter.  This means that the concept of working up through the levels of resistance is a little lost.  While I could definitely feel a difference in shape between the smallest and the other two, I couldn’t really tell a difference in weight.  Most Kegel weight sets I’ve seen have a larger range of weights.  Going from 36 grams to 40 grams just didn’t make a difference for me.  If I were to continue using this set, I would probably just use one of the two larger weights.

I really wanted to like the Tracy’s Dog Love Balls.  I’m not so sure about the company, their website, or the accuracy of their information – but I desperately wanted to like the weights themselves.  Unfortunately, other than the nice hand feel, these weights don’t have much going for them to set them apart from the plethora of other Kegel weights and exercisers available today.  With no biofeedback and a fairly small weight and size, I mostly couldn’t feel these weights once they were inserted.  They were not heavy enough to make me feel like I was working to keep them in place.

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At most, the Tracy’s Dog Love Balls reminded me to do Kegel exercises since I knew I was wearing them.  Any reminder to do the exercises is a plus, but really, I could just set an alarm on my phone for that and not have to remember to take them out or have to clean and store them.  I also do not like the name “love balls” for them.  These are utilitarian weights.  They don’t vibrate, or hum, or jingle.  They don’t provide any sexual stimulation, at least they didn’t for me.

Pros:              Smooth, Velvety Texture; Seamless

Cons:             Inaccurate and Missing Information; Lack of Appropriate Weight and Size Ranges

Rating:          2/10

– My Fucking 40s

Editor’s Note

Buyer beware: It has become apparent that the Tracy’s Dog manufacturer are being at best cagey & at worst downright dishonest about the materials used in their sex toys & intimate use products. I personally will not be using any of the Tracy’s Dog sex toys, and all CaraSutra affiliations with this manufacturer have ceased as of January 2017.

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer My Fucking 40s for this review of the Tracy’s Dog Love Balls ($16.99 from and $15.99 from which equates to approx £13 at today’s rates)

These love balls were sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Tracy’s Dog sex toys.

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