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8 out of 10

Tie And Tease Sex Game Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Tangled Lover

We have tried a few types of sexy board games over the years and most of them have been disposed of through lack of use. So we were excited to try the Tie And Tease Sex Game but also had past experience playing on our minds.

The box for the Tie And Tease Sex Game looks great, with a nice vintage inspired picture of a blindfolded girl with her wrists tied. On the back it has the game contents and a description of the game. It is very well done and really made us intrigued about how the game might play out.

Tie And Tease Sex Game Contents

Tie And Tease Sex Game Review

Inside the Tie And Tease Game box you get:

The board

4 playing pieces – 2 Male and 2 Female

1 Blindfold

1 Cloth Tie

75 Game cards

One standard die

1 Dom or Sub die


A Deeper Look

The Tie And Tease Sex Game is very well made and does not feel like a cheap novelty, like some of the other games that we have played. The board is a good size, which means it is easy to keep track of the game and where the cards are, but it also folds in 4 when it goes in the box making for easy storage.

There are 6 types of activity card that you use while playing the Tie And Tease Sex Game.

Tie And Tease Sex Game Review

The themes are:

Role play






The each set of activity cards are broken down in to 2 levels of intensity.  This means that if you play twice round the board you can change level and increase the intensity of your play.  There is also a seventh set of cards which is the Dom/sub cards that basically act as a reward for the winner of the game and involve a more in-depth scenario than those on the action cards.


Tie And Tease Sex Game Review

You need quite a bit of time to play the Tie And Tease Sex Game so we had to make sure the kids weren’t home. The first thing you have to do is to decide who will play the role of Dom and who will play Sub. This will be easy for some couples but we tend to switch, fortunately the game has this covered and you can role a die to choose after each card.

We had the great idea of setting the game board up in the middle of our bed – but after the first activity sent the board, pieces and cards flying everywhere, we had a quick rethink and the game was put on the dressing table.  The instructions and the cards are well written and easy to understand, so it doesn’t take long to get into the game.

Tie And Tease Sex Game Review

We found that the Tie And Tease Sex Game was great and led to a fun sexy evening, it really helps with communication and leads you through the basics of BDSM and roleplay and we had a lot of giggles along the way. Having the 2 stages of cards really helped with build up during the game.

We have quite a large selection of sex toys and we found that this really enhanced the game, but it is not essential as the game does suggest some household objects that can be used. The only negative that we found was the quality of the tie, this is a piece of ribbon 53” in length, the ribbon is perfectly usable but we thought a better quality solution could be used.

Conclusion & Score

We really enjoyed playing the Tie And Tease Sex Game and have played it on quite a few occasions. It is really great for those interested in spicing up their sex life and wanting to start exploring BDSM.  We do have a bit of experience in the scene and found it very easy to personalise the cards so that even more experienced couples can still enjoy the game.  The Tie And Tease Sex Game has restored our faith in sexy board games. We will definitely have a lot of fun with it.

Rating 8/10

Tangled Lover

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Tangled Lover for this review of the Tie And Tease Sex Game.
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Tie And Tease Sex Game Review
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Tie And Tease Sex Game Review
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Tie And Tease Sex Game Review

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