The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica by Rose Caraway Review

10 out of 10

The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica by Rose Caraway Review

By Candy Snatch

Lots of erotica comes in the form of short stories. This is probably because they’re used to turn us on and we don’t want to wade through pages of back story to get to the good stuff. Reading lots of erotica my Kindle is full of short story anthologies, some good, some really bad, but all horny. When I saw an article about erotic fiction with excerpts from The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica by Rose Caraway it left me wanting more so it quickly joined my wank bank library.


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The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica by Rose Caraway ReviewThe Sexy Librarians Big Book of Erotica is a collection of short stories by lots of different authors edited by Rose Caraway. Authors featured in The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica include Rachel Kramer Bussel, Tamsin Flowers, Salome Wilde and Rose Caraway herself. There are 22 well written and very different short stories in this anthology and if I’m honest not one disappointed me. They were all really enjoyable in different ways and it would be an impossibly long review if I offered my opinion on all 22 but as always with any collection some deserve particular mention so I’ve focused on my favourites.

The first story in The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica by Rose Caraway to really grab my imagination was “Sensate Silicone” by Lillian Douglas. This story centres around a development in sex toys allowing the user to feel the sensation of the toy. I loved the way Douglas unfolded the story, it was so well written and descriptive I felt almost as if I too could experience Sensate Silicone myself. The main character, porn star Jane Isley, is a real fictional turn on for me as she puts the toy at the heart of the story through its paces and gets to grip with being the owner of her very own silicone cock. The sex scenes are graphic and explicit and definitely more than sensual erotica, “Sensate Silicone” left me very horny and wishing that the R&D development in the story was real as I’d seriously like to try it! I’d have enjoyed more expansion to the Sensate Silicone idea as there must be a wealth of ideas in this vein.

“Taped” by Kay Jaybee is a short story with a BDSM flavour. Beth is taken on a journey in the back of her boyfriend Ryan’s van which is unlike any other. Agreeing to live out Ryan’s fantasy leads to her being taped naked to the bottom of the van exposed and vulnerable Beth’s submissive exhibitionist side begins to emerge as she wonders exactly what Ryan has in store for her. In the finale of the story Beth taps into parts of her sexuality that she didn’t even know existed as she becomes willing slut to more than just Ryan’s cock. I really loved “Taped” this is very much my kind of porn and I was absolutely soaked by the time I finished reading it. The story is well told and you can feel Beth’s mix of fear and arousal as she lays blindfolded in the back of the van awaiting her fate.

The next story I came to that deserves a mention is by far my favourite in the whole anthology. “A Perverted Fairy Tale” by Emily Bingham is a deliciously dark twist on the Red Riding Hood story which had my juices flowing from the off. Bingham’s Wolf is the perfect dominant predator looking to devour Red in more than one way. Red Riding Hood herself is the very antithesis to the fairy tale Red. A sexy tempting little minx I found myself strongly identifying with the Wolf in this story right up to the fantastic twist at the end. I would have loved for this story to be longer and will definitely be seeking out more or Emily Bingham’s work. The beautiful written scenes put me straight in the woods with Red and the Wolf and I almost felt like I was watching from behind a tree. This story leaves the reader feeling quite voyeuristic, the sex is hard and has shades of D/s to it. I will definitely read this story again.

“Cherries In Season” by KD Grace was the next story to really set me on fire. This is a strange one to me as I actually really don’t enjoy mixing food and sex but that is the whole theme of this piece. Centred in Aunt Maggie’s greengrocers when the unnamed narrator pays a call to buy some cherries and indulges in some sexy flirting with Aunt Maggie’s delicious nephew Hal she accidentally sparks a sexual journey for the senses. KD Grace has really utilised language to bring this story to life and you can almost smell the mix of fruit and sex as Hal proves just how good for you getting your 5 a day is. The sex in this story is messy and delicious. It is a little tamer than my first two choices but for whatever reason my clit really enjoyed it. The anticipation that builds through the slow tease of the first half of the story is very sexy and I was very aware of the effect it had on me. I was also mentally applauding Grace’s ingenious method of making a fruit salad. All round this was an enjoyably horny fruity ride.

“The Whole Of Me” by Katya Harris left me with goosebumps. This is a powerful story of love, loss and sexual desire that evoked so many emotions in me for such a short story. This is the story of Shaun and Clara and how a romantic notion of keeping a dying loved one close to you could go horribly wrong. Shaun simply can’t bear to let go of Clara and opts to neuro download her memories into his own brain. At first this aids the grieving process but when Shaun begins to move on and looks to sate his sexual desires with a one night stand Clara appears to have not quite gone completely. The dark twist to “The Whole of Me” left me feeling very uncomfortable, I’m not saying this as a negative as I’m quite certain that was the intent. This is not your standard erotica. I don’t want to go into too much plot detail as should you choose to download The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica I wouldn’t want to ruin this story for you. Suffice to say I enjoyed it though it left me with prickles under my skin. A thought-provoking story that is exceptionally well written and although it is erotic the sex is almost second place to the plot itself.

“Appetizer” by Sommer Marsden was actually the extract that led to me downloading The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica by Rose Caraway in the first place. This story centres around Blair and her boyfriend Jamie as they celebrate their anniversary. Jamie has arranged a surprise for Blair taken directly from a fantasy confessed years before. Blair wants to experience a sexual appetiser. Literally wants to be eaten by a stranger before she is fucked by her boyfriend. Jamie arranges for his friend Oliver who has a penchant for giving oral sex to give Blair her fantasy come true. This story is quick to action and no frills. Very descriptive and extremely horny despite it not being my usual flavour of sexual gratification this still managed to make me ache for someone to taste me the way Oliver teases Blair. Add Jamie watching for that extra exhibitionist kick to this sexy little story. An instant wank bank favourite this is one I would definitely recommend to my friends.

I loved every page of The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica. It’s quite rare in my experience to find an erotic anthology with such varied themes of stories, each a world away from the one before both in tone and content. I will be looking for other fiction written by several of the authors and can honestly say I was actually sad when I finished the last story. The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica can be purchased from Amazon for £11.99 for the paperback or £5.99 for the Kindle version. I didn’t regret a single penny. I rated this book a solid 10/10 definitely give it a read if you enjoy erotic fiction.

– Candy Snatch

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