The Game Of Sexes by Opal K Dante – Pleasure Panel Erotic Book Review

10 out of 10

The Game Of Sexes by Opal K Dante – Erotic Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania

I have been sent the the erotic book The Game Of Sexes by Opal K Dante (available here from free of charge by Cara Sutra in exchange for a frank and honest review.

The Game Of Sexes by Opal K Dante reviewI have previously reviewed books for Cara and have stated before that a book review is purely a personal view, what one person likes, another may not. Therefore I will try to be factual as possible, without giving away any spoilers for this book.

The book has several characters that are key to the plot, Evie – a young virgin who is keen to start exploring her sexual side and is madly in love with her step father – Sebastien. Sebastien is a shipping magnate and is loaded, also married to Evie’s mother who is older than Sebastien.

Upon starting the book, I was a bit confused as to when the story was set, as some of the terminology seemed to be a bit dated, and it took a while to realise that the story is set in a modern date with mobile phones etc.

Once starting on the book, it was a bit on the slow side to get started but not enough for me to give up and realised that this was needed to set the scene for the main story.

There are some very humorous points within the book that certainly made me ‘laugh out loud’ and I really fell in love with Evie’s character and her attitude.  The fact she calls her female genitals ‘her parrot’ had me in stitches.

Once the book got started, I have to say I could not put it down, this is reflected in the fact it was started on Saturday afternoon and completed Sunday evening! Definitely a page turner.  There are more twists and turns within this book than a windy country lane.  Just when you think you have uncovered everything, another twist arrives.  The only bad point of the book I feel is when Evie and Sebastien finally get together, I thought this was a dream that Evie was having as it seemed very rushed after the previous issues Evie had experienced, it seemed very rushed. Included in the story is a threesome and also a character who is a Hermaphrodite, this is something I have been interested in previously, so it was interesting to read this story based on this character as well.

The book is left that there could be another episode to Evie’s life and I for one sincerely hope so and would love to catch up with her very soon.

Overall a must read with lots of funny incidents but also lots of twists and turns that make this a book not to be put down easily.

I would score this book 10 out of 10 and please, please let me know there will be more!

– Shady Shania

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania for this review of the erotic book The Game Of Sexes by Opal K Dante ($0.99 on Kindle from

This e-book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author Opal K Dante. Thank you! 🙂

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