The Cara Sutra June £5 Challenge Sex Toy Review #6: Screaming O Ling O Tongue Ring

5 out of 10

Cara Sutra June Sex Toy Challenge

Screaming O Ling O Tongue Ring

Screaming O Ling-O Vibrating Tongue Ring

In keeping with the spirit of my £5 or less Sex Toy Challenge this month, the ever fun Nice n Naughty team sent me a vibrator to review. Something a little different.  Something I have been interested in trying out for a while, but had always been overlooked in honour of a higher value toy.

Screaming O Ling-O Vibrating Tongue Ring

Now, I am not saying I wanted this particular brand and type, but I had wanted a tongue ring to try out. Oh, the possibilities. Oral sex whether on him or her, stroking along the perineum of either, dipping it within her, gliding it along his lubricated erect shaft… You get the idea.

The Ling O Tongue Ring comes packaged in the trademark Screaming O style packaging, emblazoned with the company logo as well as various loud instructions and taglines over the front. The reverse bears more loudness, which is quite fun and has unisex as well as cross-sexuality appeal. Product information and instructions are found here too.

To open the packet you need to try and peel away the plastic convex shell which has been sealed to the glossy card, encapsulating the tongue ring within, safely and hygienically.

Screaming O Ling-O Vibrating Tongue Ring Screaming O Ling-O Vibrating Tongue Ring Screaming O Ling-O Vibrating Tongue Ring

Tipping out the tongue ring, it felt light in the hand and it soon became apparent that this is one incredibly flexible ring. There are ridges on the underside of the ring, apparently to help it grip to your tongue.

The vibrating portion, cutely shaped like a miniature tongue itself, benefits from various nodules and textured areas that promise waves of orgasmic delight when buzzed against your partner’s aroused, intimate flesh.

This tongue ring is disposable, meaning that once the battery runs out in the motor, that’s it. You’ve had your lot.

Screaming O Ling-O Vibrating Tongue Ring

The vibrating motor is activated by a little switch on the side, on and off. The vibrations are advertised as lasting for approximately 40 minutes.

The good

Trusted brand
Low price
Discreet size
Easy to wear and use

The bad

Disposable/single use
Easily broken
Numbs the tongue
Weak vibrations

The verdict

FAILThe Ling O Tongue Ring is a great idea, on paper. In the packet, even. Even that moment where you tip it into your hand and think, wow, this is going to be a fun toy. You won’t be wrong: this is a fun toy.

I had very high hopes for the tongue ring and was sincerely hoping to find a female product that would be a win in the June £5 or less Sex Toy Challenge. Unfortunately… well, it just didn’t make either of us orgasm!

The vibrations are tinny and have a monotonous buzz, rather than an earth shattering, climax inducing, powerful vibration. It’s a crying shame, whether you’re the partner with the vibrations travelling through your slowly numbing tongue, or the one being orally attended to, writing in frustration as you just can’t seem to tip over the orgasmic waterfall into the waiting pool of bliss.

The vibrations are ‘nice’, when used on the tongue to travel over other erogenous zones such as the nipples or inner thigh, but ‘nice’ doesn’t cut it. I want to be placed into the throes of passion, if not at the start, then at least at some point during the session.

The Ling O Tongue Ring is a disposable sex toy and as such it doesn’t have a quality, powerful motor inside it. It is cheaply made, albeit with a fun and unusual design which will appeal to those of any sexuality to add a novel new dimension to their sexual activities. When tongue came to shove however, it didn’t live up to my hopes. We ended up reaching for the trusted bullet vibrator in order to actually hit that high.

If you’d like to give the Tongue Ring a try, it’s available from Nice n Naughty right here for £4.99. Perhaps you will be more clitorally sensitive than my girl and I!

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