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9 out of 10

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Penis Masturbator Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer JustJess

We received the TENGA Zero Flip Hole Penis Masturbator from Lovehoney in exchange for our open and honest review.

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Penis Masturbator Review
Having heard of but not experienced TENGA products before we both eagerly watched the official TENGA Zero Flip Hole promotional video on YouTube and did a little online research. We were only really able to find any in depth information about the original Flip Hole (in its four colour options) as the TENGA Zero Flip Hole is brand new to the market but the video left us seriously impressed, the Zero looks almost space age in white with clean lines. It is definitely not the realistic pussy or ass type male masturbator that always leaves both of us cringing and cold.

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Penis Masturbator Review

The TENGA Zero Flip Hole is definitely a more inclusive male masturbator; we thought this worked well for both homosexual and heterosexual couples plus singles and anyone in between. It looks expensive, classy and futuristic without any hint of some of the tacky or sordid masturbators on the market.

Once we’d been chosen to test the TENGA Zero Flip Hole it arrived quickly and discreetly in a plain cardboard box, this is true of every parcel I’ve had from Lovehoney so there is no need to worry if you house share or live at home that some overt box will arrive with “huge dildos” or “contains sex toy” emblazoned down the front.

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Penis Masturbator Review

I was amazed at just how heavy the box containing our new Tenga was, it’s over 700g in its packaging and 400g when ready for use. This seemed excessively heavy to me and I did find my wrists got quite tired after using it for a while. It’s a good job the Mr has strong arms as at some points I had to use both hands to ease the strain on my wrists. I think this may be the biggest drawback for some users especially if they have dexterity issues.

Internally the Tenga Zero is made of super squishy and slightly sticky TPE. There are an amazing series of ridges, flaps and nodules which caress your cock as you thrust into it.

As the female half of this reviewing pair, I had serious penis envy. Inserting two lubed fingers through the hole felt divine, I couldn’t stop playing with it!

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Penis Masturbator Review

Externally the TENGA Zero Flip Hole is largely covered in a hard plastic casing, adding some much needed rigidity to the squishy inner. Two large plastic disks allow you to add pressure and increase the internal suction.

So what’s it like in use?

Before beginning to play we opened the TENGA Zero Flip Hole and squirted a generous amount of lube down the length and around the hole as per the video. We did find this was a bit too much lube and now only lube the entrance and the Mr’s cock lightly before using the Tenga.

Sliding the now lubed and resealed TENGA Zero Flip Hole over my Mr’s waiting cock was amazing. His moans were seriously erotic and he was clutching the sheets as he came within minutes.

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Penis Masturbator Review

Being circumcised the Mr does need quite rough stimulation to get off as he isn’t as sensitive as he was before he was cut. I found that drawing the TENGA Zero Flip Hole up to the end of his penis and squeezing (not so gently) over his glands so they popped under the bottom edge of the external disks had him writhing, squirming and panting.

Strangely though we have found that after multiple uses he is now starting to regain some sensitivity and is cumming faster than before. This is no bad thing for us as he has some serious staying power.

Solo the Mr discovered that replacing the sliding arm after inserting his cock made for a much tighter and more intense wank. It also cut down on the noise dramatically, as did using less lube.

We did experiment and play with the TENGA Zero Flip Hole in a number of ways and the Mr seemed to seriously love everything we tried. Sandwiched between my thighs, think human toy mount, we were able to enjoy a very intimate session without penetration. This isn’t something we have a particular need to do but it does add to the versatility of the TENGA. I was able to control the pressure on his cock with my thighs while we both had our hands free which was a fantastic bonus.

You don’t actually need to be erect to use the Tenga as you can insert your penis into the shaft when the sides of the TENGA Zero Flip Hole are open. This is great for anyone with ED or if you just like to play from soft.

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Penis Masturbator Review

The supplied lube or “hole lotion” as Tenga call it was surprisingly good despite the unappealingly cringey name! However this is quite stringy and almost gluey (think semi dried spunk) and I wasn’t keen to use it for penetrative sex but the Mr found this very long lasting in the TENGA Zero Flip Hole.

We found the TENGA Zero Flip Hole relatively easy to clean however, TPE is porous, so it can’t be sterilised. As the flip hole is waterproof we used antibacterial soap and hot water followed by sex toy cleaner to ensure the inside was as clean as possible but this may be a concern for some users and it’s definitely not a material we would use for insertable toys.

The drying stand is a little tricky to get right and we have had a few instances where the TENGA Zero Flip Hole has ended up on the carpet covered in lint; we also resorted to hanging it over a pint glass at one point when the stand would just not cooperate! Luckily the TPE is easily cleaned with a quick soak and some sex toy wipes and lint/hair does seem to come off easily.

Bottom line?

Yes, the materials could be better – non-porous at least, pretty please?
Yes, the unique drying stand is a pain in the ass.
But this is without a doubt the best male masturbator we’ve ever used and the Mr absolutely loves it!


– Just Jess

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Just Jess for this review of the TENGA Zero Flip Hole Penis Masturbator (£79.99 from Lovehoney.co.uk)

This penis masturbator was sent to the reviewer free of charge in exchange for her honest review, directly by Lovehoney. The review above is unique to CaraSutra.co.uk; the reviewer wrote a different review (conveying the same feedback) for the Lovehoney.co.uk website. 

TENGA Zero Flip Hole Penis Masturbator Review

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TENGA Zero Flip Hole Penis Masturbator review

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