TENGA Egg Silky Pleasure Panel Review

0 out of 10

TENGA Egg Silky Review

I really don’t like to be completely negative but I really struggled with my TENGA Egg Silky.

I was really eager to try out a TENGA egg as had heard good things about them so I jumped at the chance to review some for Cara Sutra. The initial response was one of eager anticipation the bright eye catching exterior of the TENGA Egg  Silky  promised much but I was a little less keen on looking at it’s interior after my very negative reaction to the other egg I’d had to review.

TENGA Egg Silky Pleasure Panel Review

The interior of that one had reminded me of frogspawn and after a really disgusting childhood trauma I just couldn’t even bring myself to stick a finger inside it, let alone anything else.

However, I wanted to do a thorough job and thought this one might be less scary. It started out okay, the egg had a nice feel to it and jiggled pleasantly when I prodded it. That was good entertainment value in itself. At the core there was a plastic sheath which holds some lube and instructions for using the egg for its intended purpose. The core on this one looks different, it’s a spiral of thin lines that wind all around the inside. It looked less scary than the clicky interior but it didn’t fill my heart with joy or other parts with lust. I was merely relieved it didn’t look like frogspawn.

TENGA Egg Silky Pleasure Panel Review

I bravely poked my little finger in it but quickly pulled it back. The texture reminded me of the jelly in a pork pie and as much as I enjoy a pork pie I don’t want to stick my dick in it. So that’s as far as I got. I couldn’t bring myself to put anything else in my Tenga egg.

Check out the TENGA Egg Silky for yourself, you might enjoy the sensations, I’m afraid I really did not.


– Kevin Blisse

The TENGA Egg Silky is available only for £9.99. It was sent free of charge for a fair and honest review.

TENGA Egg Silky Pleasure Panel Review

TENGA Egg Silky Pleasure Panel Review

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