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8 out of 10

TENGA Egg Silky Masturbator Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer The Big Gay Review

I recently read a review for the TENGA Egg Silky in which the reviewer had simply decided they didn’t like the product, because of how it looked/felt in the hand. At no point did it ever go any where near any genitalia, nor was it actually used for its intended purpose. That is just not cool. So I dived into my toy box and found that I actually had not one, but TWO Silkys knocking around from previous purchases – so I decided that I would crack them open (get it, crack… eggs… haha) and give them a good beating (sigh).

So what are TENGA Eggs? Well in short, they are small disposable masturbators that feature a variety of textures. They are discreet, easy to store/carry (making them perfect for travel) and are fantastically cheap – making them a good first buy if you’ve never tried a sex toy/masturbator before. Inside each plastic eggshell is the stroker and a little sachet of lube – perfect for that single use.

The sleeves are made from a very stretchy and squishy TPE making it body-safe but porous – but for a product that’s designed to be disposable, it’s not a massive issue. As you flip the TENGA Egg Silky inside out, it has a delightfully rich textured swirl all around the inside – meaning no matter where your place the egg, you’ll feel the texture. To use, simply pour the included lube inside the egg (and perhaps a little on yourself) and then carefully slip it over the end of your penis. It almost looks like your about to juice a lemon when it’s sitting atop your helmet like a… well, helmet.

At this point, you can just twist it round and slide it just around the glans and frenulum, or you can take it hand and slide the whole thing over the length of your penis – the sleeve has a decent amount of stretch and will cover your whole member. Just be wary that the material is delicate, so excessive force/stretching will cause it to split (but again, it’s designed to be one use, so if it happens – it’s no big deal).

So importantly, how does the TENGA Egg Silky feel? Well honestly, it is really nice – but I’ve always been a fan of the TENGA eggs. The stimulation is nowhere as intense as regular masturbators – so fans of Fleshlights and the like might be disappointed by the slightly more delicate feelings – however I love them, especially because they never get used solo – they always form part of OUR playtime.  We enjoy using them on each other and you can really experiment with placement and grip – softer, harder…  it’s really up to you.

As you twist the Silky around the glans, you can feel the individual ribs which feels really pleasant, if gentle. As you begin to stretch the egg, the ribbing becomes less pronounced, and therefore less obvious – but there’s still enough there to make it more enjoyable than just using your hand. And no matter what other people may say, at no point did this EVER make me think of a pork pie. At all. Nor does it feel like you are shagging a pork pie either. I would assume. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never shagged a pork pie.

They are small and discreet – so if you travel a lot and want something small and inconspicuous to take with you – these will fit right into your wash bag. And when you are finished, you can just throw it away. For those who have never used a sex toy before, and you want to introduce them into the bedroom – something like this would be a perfect place to start, thanks to it’s non-threatening size and generic appearance – it doesn’t look like a disembodied arse or vagina.

For those who do want to get the most out of their toys, with care, you may be able to get a couple of uses out of your egg – if you don’t stretch it/split it too much, and give it a thorough rinse and dry before storing it back in the plastic shell.  The sleeve could benefit with a light dusting of cornflour after use, as it does get very sticky after cleaning. Also, it attracts hair and dust SO EASILY so do not drop it on the floor otherwise it just looks disgusting. But again, a quick rinse will solve that.

So in short, for a bargain price, you’ve got a fun little toy that’s a little different from all the generic masturbators out there, and there are several different textures available, so if this one doesn’t do it for you, there will be something else that will make your soufflé rise.

Score: 8 out of 10.

– The Big Gay Review

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer The Big Gay Review for this contributed guest review of the TENGA Egg Silky Masturbator. It was sent free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review.

TENGA Egg Silky Masturbator Review

TENGA Egg Silky Masturbator Review

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