Teasebox from Smutboxes UK Review

10 out of 10

Teasebox from Smutboxes UK Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Fesure Maybe

I was lucky enough to receive a Teasebox from Smutboxes UK to review. The company Smutboxes is a new company and they express different points. Firstly that they want people to feel empowered by orgasms, and not to be ashamed of enjoying sex. Also to spread knowledge of people protecting themselves from STIs. Another big thing they encourage is boundaries and consent which is fantastic. These Smutboxes are subscription based and are sent out quarterly.

There are two different types of boxes but the one I am reviewing is the Teasebox from Smutboxes. It costs £40 (cheaper price each if you subscribe to an annual subscription) and is aimed at people who are already familiar with sex toys and bondage gear. At the moment, while the company is just starting out, these boxes are limited as to what sort of products they send you. In future you will be able to customise Smutboxes, ie what types of sex toys are in them. The box it itself is a decent size and black in colour. I loved the logo on the front and the font, it is super appealing to me. My Teasebox from Smutboxes arrived all nicely packaged and with a magnetic flip lid that I lifted to reveal all my toys packaged neatly in with bubble wrap to protect them! I opened it to see a lovely letter written by the two ladies that own the company explaining all about how they thought of the idea and what they want to achieve.

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Teasebox from Smutboxes UK Review Fesure Maybe Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel-2

Teasebox from Smutboxes UK Review Fesure Maybe Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel-3

The presentation of my Teasebox from Smutboxes was neatly packaged and I felt like a kid at Christmas. I opened it to find all these toys in front of me to play with! These boxes are designed so you get a selection of sex toys as a surprise to play with. I found this concept more fun and exciting as I find it hard to choose what sex toys to buy and having to go through reviews of different ones to find the right one. It’s much easier for someone to put some random ones in a box for me. The box inside had tissue paper around it which I thought looked lovely. The only difference I would make is to stick it to the side of the box rather than just fold it in. it would look a lot neater if it was cut into the corners etc. Nevertheless it still look inviting! I loved the fact on the inside lid of the box they have a  small poster stuck in to explain about how they want everyone to feel included, encouraging safe sex and also talking about feeling positive about your body. I think this is fantastic and I couldn’t be more pleased about this idea. It gave me a lot of confidence especially suffering from low self-esteem and made me feel sexier when using the sex toys. One of the other things that arrived in the box was a little card which had ideas of what you could do with each item in the box. I thought this was a brilliant idea as it gives people a start somewhere to base new ideas on!

Teasebox from Smutboxes UK Review Fesure Maybe Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel-4

Teasebox from Smutboxes UK Review Fesure Maybe Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel-5

The Teasebox from Smutboxes has a set amount of toys in it priced at over what you paid for the box. So for example in this Teasebox you would pay £40 every quarter on a subscription basis but in this box I received over £60 worth of stuff! You definitely get a bargain when it comes to the boxes.

I reviewed each sex toy I received in the box separately (all images for illustrative purposes):

Pipedream Crush Boo Mini Vibe

Teasebox from Smutboxes UK review - Pipedream Crush Boo Mini Vibe Blue

RRP £21

This vibrator from Pipedream Toys is described as delivering incredibly pleasurable stimulation and also combining with a travel friendly design. The vibe itself is a lovely shade of blue with a white tip. This tip has a button on it that gives you different speeds when pressed. The description matches the vibe to a tee. The vibe itself is made from an elite silicone, it’s smooth and so soft. It feels incredible against my clit and even nipples. The sensation and power behind such a little vibe is absolutely amazing! It’s such an amazing size (2.25”) which is ideal for travelling or just stashing away in your bag for when you can catch a few moments to yourself. This vibe is waterproof so can be used in the bath which I tested (of course) and it feels even better in water. Feel of the hot water against your skin and the strong vibrations are an amazing combination. The bath was definitely my favourite place to use it. Particularly as this is not overly loud so I didn’t feel embarrassed to take time out during the day and use it in a sneaky bath.

Quickie Cuffs

Teasebox from Smutboxes UK review - Quickie Cuffs

RRP £9

I wasn’t sure what to make of these Quickie Cuffs as I have only ever seen normal cuffs which are metal with keys. These are silicone cuffs with are strong and flexible. They feel tight enough that they are good for beginners in bondage but easy enough to get out if you want too. I do think these have perks though. The perks to them not being metal are that they firstly don’t jangle as you use them. Also there is always that fear of losing the keys to hand cuffs which these silicone cuffs eliminate that risk. According to the packaging this makes this more discreet and an added bonus for when you travel as they won’t be required for a baggage check as they are not made of metal! I found for myself that I prefer the metal ones as I have been into bondage quite a few years and I found these relatively easy to get out of. For any beginner these would be a good start!

Sportsheets Sex and Mischief 7” Black Feather Tickler

RRP £5

You definitely cannot have any box of sex toys without some form of sensory play item. Nothing more relaxing and intimate in my opinion than a bit of feather up and down a naked body. With this Sex & Mischief Black Feather Tickler in particular I really liked the fact the feathers don’t come away. I’ve had a few in the past and each time the feathers have come off leaving the actual tickle stick a little bald. This is soft and sturdy, also easy to hold which is everything you need all in one!

Tickle her G-spot Arousal Gel 2ml Sachet x2

Teasebox from Smutboxes UK review - Tickler her G-Spot Arousal Gel Sachet

RRP £3.99 each

I don’t use a lot of gels like this as I haven’t had a great experience with them but this one didn’t a bit more for me than most. The Tickle Her G-Spot Arousal Gel comes in a little 2ml sachet with transparent gel inside it. It is a smooth gel and rubs straight onto the G-spot nicely. It has a minty cool feeling to it and definitely made my G-spot swell a little. I found it quite messy being in a sachet as you can’t reseal it leaving you potentially like I had with a half a packet of gel to throw away. This is definitely good for people who prefer G-spot orgasm!

Sportsheets Sex and Mischief Doggy Style Strap

Teasebox from Smutboxes UK review - Sportsheets Sex and Mischief Doggy Style Strap

RRP £14.99

The blurb on this Sex & Mischief box made it so interesting! It was like a story based on someone who had received it for her honeymoon. It made this product sound dirty and awesome. This is exactly what it is! One issue me and my partner have with doing doggy style is we never seem to be at the right ankle or height etc. No matter how much we try it becomes too much of a faff and we give in with the position. This was a great product as it gave us a position back that we want and I adore! It means were at the right ankle and my partner can adjust my rear as he needs to match him! It’s defiantly strong as I’m a larger girl and it handled my weight on it no problem. It’s comfortable to hold and also helps support my pelvis as I suffer a bit of pain in it. This is definitely an amazing product and I would recommend it!

ID Glide Lubes and Skins Condoms

Approx £10 value – images for illustrative purposes only

One of the big things they promote in this Teasebox from Smutboxes is protection. They provide you with three bottles of different ID Glide lubes. First one is ID Glide this is a very slippery transparent lube! Makes it easier for inserting toys or for use on genitals. Second one is silkier and feels amazing on the G-Spot when using it with the Mini Vibe. This looks more like a cream as its white! Third one was ID Pleasure which was a tingling sensation one containing Ginkgo Biloba and Red clover. This gave a more sticky feeling but a warming sensation! This also came with two Skins condoms which is fantastic also as its promoting safe sex and contraception.

Overall the Teasebox from Smutboxes is a fantastic idea and I would recommend it to everyone. I have loved reviewing every item in this box and definitely considering subscribing to one of the boxes from Smutboxes UK as I think it is such a fantastic idea!

Big 10/10 from me!

– Fesure Maybe

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Fesure Maybe for this review of the Teasebox from Smutboxes UK (£40 per box, cheaper if you opt for annual subscription. Guaranteed at least £50 worth of products. Boxes sent quarterly.)

This Smutbox was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Smutboxes. Thank you! 🙂


Smutboxes March 2016 Pleasure Panel Review

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