Teasebox from Smutboxes UK Review

10 out of 10

Teasebox from Smutboxes UK Review

By Minxy Mischief

I’d like to thank Cara Sutra for sending me a sex toy subscription box sample, the Teasebox from Smutboxes UK, to test and review as part of the Pleasure Panel.

Smutboxes is a brand new concept that brings you a fantastic quarterly subscription service. They do 2 different boxes, a Smutbox and a Teasebox which I was sent. On receiving my box I was impressed firstly on the quality of the box itself, sturdy with a magnetic fastening and the SB logo on top. I was informed that I had been sent a prototype, promotional box that is lined with tissue paper but the real boxes would be custom printed with a better lining. If the prototype I was sent is anything to go by then I’m sure the real boxes will be something else. I was really impressed with my box and how it was packaged. It’s definitely a box I will be using to keep my favourite toys in.

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On to the good bit, the goodies inside the Teasebox from Smutboxes! I have come across a few subscription boxes in the past and usually they have some cheap, nasty filler items and expected there to be one or 2 inside. It couldn’t have been further from that. My box was filled pretty much to the top. It was like Christmas, especially with the lovely gold and black tissue paper. The Teasebox is designed with couples in mind. The items are researched and picked from those that have great reviews. I felt like my box was well put together, like there was a lot of thought put into it. Everything was from well known brands that I have seen before.

ID Glide Lube, Skins Condoms & G-Spot Arousal Gel

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Safety first! The people behind Smutboxes want to promote a safe, healthy sex life for everyone and included in my Teasebox from Smutboxes were a couple of Skins condoms, well within date. I was happy to find I had 3 12ml tubes of ID Glide lube, water based, silicone based and a warming lube. Something for everyone to try. I also found 2 2ml sachets of Tickle Her G-spot arousal gel. Basic bedroom staples that I thought were a nice touch.

Sex & Mischief Doggy Style Strap, & Black Feather Tickler

Sex and Mischief is a discreet branded line of sex toys from Sportsheets designed for those couples who want to experiment and dip their toes into the slightly kinky range of toys without being put off that it is too hardcore. I had a couple of Sex and Mischief items in my box. A lovely soft black feather tickler. The tickler has a plastic handle with several marabou feathers on the end. Makes a lovely introduction to sensation play and not scary at all. A lovely item to start experimenting with. I also had a boxed doggie style strap from Sex and Mischief. The strap is designed for better sex in the doggy position, perfect to get out of rut of missionary position. The strap is inoffensive and double sided, made from lovely faux fur type material and strong webbing handles. Easy to use and a great item for opening up the doors to experimenting.

Quickie Cuffs

Next were another boxed item, a pair of silicone Quickie Cuffs. Ideal for an intro to bondage or for those who have experience. No scary locks or chains. Quick and easy to put on and take off. Well made, strong silicone material.

Cal Exotics Entice Ella Vibrator

And finally a buzzy toy! From California Exotics, the Entice Ella, a battery operated and wired remote control vibe. 2 AAA batteries were included. With 7 functions and waterproof it opens up to lots of different scenarios. I found it a surprisingly powerful little toy. Great for some solo play and let your partner watch or hand over the controls to mix it up!

I also found a card in my Teasebox from Smutboxes with some handy ideas on how to get the most out of the box. What I liked about the well thought out contents was that you didn’t have to dive in straight away and use everything all at once if you didn’t want to or you could do just the opposite! There was plenty to choose from which meant that each partner could take it in turns to pick something to play with.

The only thing we had to add to the Teasebox from Smutboxes was a little imagination! Everything else was included! Both my partner and I were extremely happy with our box. It contained fun items that we didn’t have already and provided lots to keep us entertained.

I took the opportunity to check out the website too. Visit Smutboxes.co.uk for lots more information about this fantastic new company.

Would I be happy to sign up for a subscription? Definitely! The Teasebox from Smutboxes is fantastic but I would probably opt for the Smutbox. Would I recommend it to friends? Most definitely! It’s a fantastic idea and don’t know why someone hadn’t thought of it sooner!

– Minxy Mischief

Thanks to our reviewer Minxy Mischief for this review of the Teasebox from Smutboxes UK (£40 per box, cheaper if you opt for annual subscription. Guaranteed at least £50 worth of products. Boxes sent quarterly.)

This Smutbox was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review at the Cara Sutra sex blog, by Smutboxes. Thank you! 🙂

Smutboxes March 2016 Pleasure Panel Review

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Update 2021:

The Smutboxes website has sadly closed since this review was published, therefore the broken links have been removed.

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