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System JO
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System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube

Pleasure Panel review by crimescene

Cara Sutra chose me to review the silicone-free System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube. I was interested in it due to its ingredients. It claims to be a fusion of water and coconut oil. I haven’t tried coconut oil as a lubricant but I’ve heard lots about it, so naturally I was curious.

System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review

The System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube came in a 30ml bottle with a pop top lid. The bottle is translucent with a label that is decorated with coconut leaves. All very tasteful. It states that it is paraben, silicone and glycerin free and comes with instructions and information about the product. It tells you that it is a personal lubricant for intimate use, intended to not only lubricate but also moisturise, whilst obviously enhancing the comfort and ease of sexual activity.

So far so good. Now, down to using it. My partner and I used it for vaginal penetration. Unfortunately it wasn’t as straight forward as it sounds. The bottle, evidently, is made from strong plastic because it was so hard to squeeze the lube out. It wasn’t that the lube was thick either (although usually that doesn’t prevent it being applied). The consistency was quite runny due to it being water based. Sturdy packaging generally isn’t bad, but it’s not exactly good if you can’t properly apply the product. Eventually we managed to get enough out but once again I found myself disappointed. It seemed to dry out very quickly which surprised me as I often use water based lubes. It is definitely a product that needs re-applying which can bother some people. As the same time I didn’t feel like I was left with sticky residue, which happens a lot with some lubes.

System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review

Overall I was pretty disappointed with the System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube. I felt like it was going to be my new ‘go to’ product, but unfortunately it’s quite the opposite. That’s why I have to give it a 4/10, mostly due to the drying out and the almost impossible application.

– Chili Crimescene

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer crimescene for this guest review of the System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube (£5.95 for a 30ml bottle). You can also purchase a bigger, pump action bottle containing 120ml.

This lube was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by System JO.

You can find the System JO lubes and other sex essentials at Simply Pleasure in the UK.

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