Swiss Navy Warming Lube Review

4 out of 10

Swiss Navy Warming Lube Review

By Fesure Maybe

I was a bit let down by this item! Firstly I found that the bottle of Swiss Navy Warming Lube was very bland with its packaging. It had its logo written on it and that’s it. There was no picture or exciting pattern etc. The bonus to this bottle is that it’s a small one which is much easier for travelling. It’s a small enough size to slip into a handbag making it accessible to take anywhere you want with you. It has a simple flip lid and squeezy bottle to get the lubricant out which I’m a bit disappointed about. I always find having a pump action on a lubricant bottle is much easier to use during intercourse.

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Swiss Navy Warming Lube review

The gel itself is clear and quite thick. It has a very smooth and silky feel too it which is great. The Swiss Navy Warming Lube doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on your hands when you apply it to what you are using. This is an added bonus because it’s a bit of a buzz kill to the session when you have to get up and wash your hands. The bit I was let down by on this item was the warming part. It is supposed to be a warming lubricant and I found that it was only warming slightly. I was expecting this to add a massive effect to the climax and it actually did add much to it.

Swiss Navy Warming Lube review

The plus side to this Swiss Navy Warming Lube was that it had a very slippery texture. It was good to use on my bullet because it did have a slight warming effect so using this as a continuous rub on a clitoral area was OK. My partner didn’t feel much effect with this one.

I would recommend this Swiss Navy Warming Lube for personal use in a masturbation situation as it did help a little with climax but I wouldn’t recommend as a main lubricant because it just didn’t do it for me.


– Fesure Maybe

Thanks to our reviewer Fesure Maybe for this review of the Swiss Navy Warming Lube.

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