Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews

8 out of 10

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews

Hi readers! I was recently sent an enormous batch of Swiss Navy lubricants free of charge in exchange for our fair and honest reviews here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. Eight reviewers have provided their thorough Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube reviews, and I’m delighted to share them with you below.

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Poppycat22’s Review

I might be in a minority here but I’m a firm believer that butt fun, is only fun if there’s lube involved. I’ve tried lots, a few water based and a hybrid, but never a silicone, so when the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lubricant came up for testing on the Pleasure Panel, I couldn’t resist.

Presentation & Packaging

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube ReviewsThe bottle is just about hand sized, a similar size to my contact lens case, so perfect for popping into an overnight bag or just if you’re like me, and pushed for space in the toy drawer. Don’t be fooled by it’s size though, it seems to just keep going! I’ve used quite a lot out of the bottle in testing and yet there’s lots left. I preferred the shape and design of this bottle to that of the Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube, mainly because the cap feels sturdier and is a flip cap that’s easy to open and close one handed.


Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube ReviewsSwiss Navy Silicone Anal Lubricant is advertised as unscented but is infused with clove oil, so I found it had quite an obvious scent to it. I quite liked the clove oil though, it smelled herbal and not at all unpleasant.

Curious as ever, I had to know if it would taste of anything, I do not recommend that this is safe to ingest, however I wanted to know if it had to be washed off before oral play, or if it would be tolerable.

I wiped a small amount on the back of my hand and rubbed it in well so there was a very tiny residue. A quick lick produced a soapy taste but not awful.

During Use

In use, I can’t say I noticed any numbing effect from the clove oil. The lube itself was quite runny but not as thin as the plain Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube. It coated my toy well and was very effective for play. I love that silicone lube doesn’t dry out and is very long lasting.


I’d definitely recommend the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lubricant and happily give it a 8/10 the only down side I can find is that I’d like it to be thicker.

Supercutesecret’s Review

Cara Sutra kindly gave me the opportunity to test out a couple of lubricants from Swiss Navy in the March round of the Pleasure Panel – I send my thanks! This is the review for the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube.


I received three mini bottles of this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube. The bottles all have a “press cap” lid, where you press down one end of the circle top and it pushes the opposite end up, revealing a little slot for the contents of the bottle to come out of. This isn’t my favourite type of bottle, I much prefer a pump or true cap lid. However (as I found out during testing), due to the consistency of the lube, it doesn’t make the type of lid as tedious or annoying to use as normal, as I don’t have to actually squeeze the bottle to get the lube out.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube ReviewsIf hygiene is important to you, don’t worry, there is a seal on the opening of the bottle. You have to unscrew the cap to remove it. So don’t worry about any sort of contamination with this lubricant. The tiny bottle size is pretty cute and makes the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube super easy to store or even travel with. Black is a sleek colour for packaging, so this lube looks pretty good sat out on wherever you put it. There is a con to this I find, which is that you can’t tell how much of the lube is left in the bottle. Given the bottle is already super light when full, it’s a bit hard to gauge just by estimating.


So, ingredients-wise: this is a silicone lubricant. My first silicone lubricant was the other lube I reviewed from Swiss Navy (the Premium Silicone one), so this anal one is my second. I thought through being specifically labelled as “Anal”, as opposed to the just “Silicone” lube, there would be significant differences in formula that would allegedly make it more suitable for anal use. In fact, I have checked the ingredients on the two and they are exactly the same! Apart from this anal lube has clove oil added in (I have found out that clove is apparently a desensitising agent, so I understand the addition of this ingredient).

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube ReviewsI was now suddenly sceptical of the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube, given my opinions on the other (almost identical!) lube – I actually wrote that I thought the Premium Silicone’s formula would not be particularly suitable for anal use, so it didn’t really bode well for the rest of my testing.

First Impressions

When I tested the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube on the back of my hand, the consistency was exactly what I expected given my knowledge of the other Swiss Navy lube. It is indeed super watery runny, way thinner than any anal lube I’ve ever used before. The Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube is so runny that you don’t even need to squeeze the bottle to get it out, it drips out all by itself.

If you give it a rub into your skin it absorbs in literally a second and leaves behind a very strong clove scent. I personally don’t mind that scent and find it quite pleasant, but obviously if you have a dislike for cloves, perhaps this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube would be best avoided. This lube after a second on my hand is traceless, leaving behind only a slight extra softness and smoothness on my skin, which I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t know it was there (it reminds me of a silicone make-up primer if you have ever used one of those).

Oily Film

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube ReviewsEven though it absorbs into skin very easily, there is a slight oily film left behind on non-porous items, such as the lube bottle itself, making holding the bottle after you have applied some lube a little bit tricky. A pro of all this is that it doesn’t leave any sticky/tacky residue on your hands and body, but this speed of absorption is actually a disadvantage for anal play, since you actually want longevity for that use. You want to provide a constant cushion whilst inserting things inside you (into a hole which, quite frankly, is not made for putting things in).

Given my low expectations at this point, I guess the final thing to do was to test out if I being unfair or just realistic…

During Use

My testing panned out exactly as I expected it to. Bottom line: I do not rate this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube for anal use. The lube which I put directly on my body felt like I might as well have not bothered putting it there after a couple of seconds. The lube I put on the toy was inconveniently runny, so I had to try to be speedy at inserting my toy.

Lo and behold, insertion didn’t work at the first attempt. Then I added a second layer of Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube to my toy and it did work this time, however I wouldn’t exactly call it a smooth insertion – there was definitely more discomfort than I normally feel as opposed to with the lube I normally use (and normally I only have to put on one layer!).

I strongly feel the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube does not provide enough of a cushion to help ease things inside anally, and the toy I was using was smaller than the average penis size, so I would urge people to not select this lube as their choice for anal sex. I thought with this allegedly desensitising clove oil in, it would perhaps make insertion easier, but this obviously wasn’t the case. To be honest, I couldn’t feel any sort of desensitising effect on my body.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube ReviewsCondom Compatibility

A slight note on my earlier point about the addition of clove oil: on the Premium Silicone lube, this ingredient is not included and so says it is suitable for latex on the bottle. However, on this particular anal lube, no such claim is made, and one can deduce this is because of the additional oil, since oil is known to be incompatible with and break down latex condoms. I almost always use latex-free condoms anyway, due to a slight latex allergy, so this does not directly affect me.

However, if you wish to use this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube with a latex condom, I would advise just using the Premium Silicone lube instead (though I still wouldn’t really recommend that either for anal use) – you will not get the “desensitising effects” of the clove oil, but I suppose if you are doing anal play sensibly and safely, there should hopefully be no desperate need for these effects anyway.


For me personally, when it comes to anal play, comfort is key. The Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube just did not deliver on that front. I don’t feel I could recommend this lube for that purpose unfortunately.

Overall Rating: 4/10

StrapOn_Banana’s Review

This month we were delighted to be reviewing some lubricants for the lovely Cara Sutra, As one says you can never have to much LUBE! this is our first time with silicone lube, we have a lot of silicone toys and the 2 don’t mix well so bear this in mind when making purchases of any silicone based lube.

First Impressions

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube ReviewsWe received a small discreet 29.5ml airport friendly bottle which is sealed under the cap and once opened has a flip up cap for applying the lube. I think the labelling on the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube bottle is poor this is a “Silicone” lube but it doesn’t tell you it is, yes you could work it out from the ingredients but in our opinion it should be in big bold red letters and incorporated into the main branding on the front of the bottle, I had to google the lube at first as I wasn’t sure if it was water based or silicone.


The Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube is not a thick lubricant at all, when sampling it I managed to basically squirt it all over the bed sheets its just so watery and it caught me by surprise, Its advertised as an anal lube and I expect and want my anal lubes to be thick almost jelly like not like water. We decided very quickly that this just wasn’t what we wanted for anal lube. Undeterred we opted to use the lube for regular vaginal sex and I’m pleased to report it did work well admittedly my own lubrication will have been involved but it did work out nice and the lube was long lasting and a little went a long way.


We found the smell of the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube quite intense and not overly pleasant It smells very chemically and I certainty wouldn’t want it in my mouth.


Unfortunately, the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube just wasn’t for us especially not for anal, regular sex was ok but nothing to get excited about. So is it for the bin or to be shoved to the back of the toy cupboard and to be never used again ?? No we found something this did do very well and that’s shine our latex collection a little went a long way and it brought up the latex beautifully shinny this is its redeeming feature and prevented us scoring it very badly indeed.


PoisonHyvee’s Review


The Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lubricant bottle is dark colored and bigger than the regular silicone lube. It opens by depressing one side of the cap to reveal the opening. This is a very common lube cap type, but it does have the possibility of clumping up, so that’s something to watch out for.


Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lubricant is made of the same three ingredients as their Silicone Premium Lubricant, but with an added ingredient: eugenia caryophyllus (clove) flower oil. Clove flower oil is said to treat premature ejaculation as well as function as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Clove oil is a natural and far less harmful alternative to the usual numbing agents in anal lubes. Those numbing agents remove your awareness of pain that normally serve to warn you to stop before you hurt yourself. Clove oil, however, doesn’t numb the anus at all, making it a safer anal lube than most.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews


I couldn’t really sense a difference in feel between this lube and the other Swiss Navy silicone lube. The clove oil is supposed to act as a natural comfort-enhancing agent, but it fails to do that because it’s so thin. To me, a viscous lube is more important for comfort during penetration than any oil or numbing agent. However, the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lubricant did not really deliver that for me. I found that it was a little longer lasting with a stationary butt plug so it was easier to remove, but it wasn’t optimal for any type of dynamic movement.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews


The most unusual part about the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lubricant is the smell. It smells very strongly due to the clove oil. It’s not entirely unpleasant to me, but it has a type of plasticky note to it that I’m not fond of. It’s also pretty overwhelming, so if you don’t want to have a vaguely perfumey sex/masturbation session, this isn’t the lube for you.


This Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lubricant is unusual, but not without its match. If you want a more natural alternative to a “numbing” lube that you use either vaginally or with a very thin anal-penetrating object, this could be great for you. If you keep it a far enough distance from your nose, it could even be a nice way to add another sense to your sex.

RATING: 4/10

NatandTom’s Review

I received the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube 6 Pack to test and review as part of March’s Pleasure Panel round. Huge thanks to Cara and Clonezone! This review is specifically for the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube which made up half of the pack. These bottles are mini (each contains 29.5ml) which makes them perfect for sampling before buying a large bottle or ideal to travel with.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews

First Impressions

Each bottle of Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube has a hygienic seal, which is great for those of us who like peace of mind knowing that our product hasn’t been tampered with. Once this has been removed, simply screw the cap back on, press down and it will open. You can then squeeze the bottle to get the product out.

I did a quick patch test on my partner and I before we went any further. I’ve never had a reaction to a silicone lubricant before, but as I have sensitive skin, I thought it was best to check first. It doesn’t contain any glycerine, proplyene glycol or parabens and I’m pleased to report no irritation occurred.


What I wasn’t so pleased about was pretty much everything else about this product. Firstly, I was confused by the consistency. When I think of silicone-based lubricants I think of two things, thickness and longevity. I found the Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Anal Lubricant to be thin and runny, which is not what I expected from a product with the word Premium in its name. I couldn’t use this for anal outside of play with a finger or two, as it’s simply not thick enough. It was immediately ruled out for penetrative sex with a partner as I felt there would be too much discomfort.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews

I decided I’d go for middle ground and try it out on one of my thinner glass toys, but I found that insertion and use was uncomfortable. I’m glad that I didn’t try anything larger as I may have hurt myself. I don’t usually have any problems with that particular toy when using Sliquid Silver (another premium silicone lube) so I knew that the Swiss Navy product was at fault here. It’s just not recommendable for anything beyond beginners butt play in my opinion. It does last a long time, so I can’t complain about that, but what’s the use in it lasting a long time if you can only use it on the tiniest of plugs?


In regards to the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube ingredients, there’s one that’s worth pointing out. Clove. This is a mild numbing agent that is said to make anal play more comfortable. I believe that a thick lubricant, steady pace and relaxation is what makes anal comfortable, not ingredients. Having said that, I think it must be very subtle in this case as I couldn’t pick up on it. I could feel everything. It might have had more of an affect if the product was thicker but as it is, I don’t think it makes a whole lot of difference.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews


One thing that isn’t subtle about this ingredient is the smell. I don’t like it at all. I’ve never been a huge fan of the scent as it reminds me of something my grandparents would give me when I had an upset stomach. It’s not something I’d associate with sex. I found it to be off-putting and I think the strength of it was even bordering on overbearing at times. I have read in various online product descriptions that the Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Anal Lubricant is odourless but evidently, that is not the case.


Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews

In conclusion, I was really disappointed with the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube. I liked the sleek packaging, small size and the fact it was long-lasting, but everything else was pretty bad. If you’re a person who doesn’t mind the smell of Clove and aren’t intending to use anything thicker than a finger, then you might think this is half decent, but otherwise, I’d give it a miss. There are much better anal lubes out there than this.


Minnie’s Review

I was kindly sent the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube by Cara Sutra in return for a fair and honest review.

Initial Thoughts

Before trying this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube out I was unaware that Swiss Navy made lubricant. I was unaware that Switzerland even had a Navy! I mean, we all know about the Swiss Army knife, so maybe the Navy are trying to get in on the act!

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews

But seriously…

Size & Dispensation

The black bottle of Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube is quite small, more of a sample or tester size. Being black it’s not possible to see how much is left in the bottle. The ingredients are listed on the tiny label and include cloves.

During Use

Once I’d removed the security seal by unscrewing the cap I tried some Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube between my thumb and forefinger. It seemed slippery enough though the aroma of cloves was quite pungent and strong and the consistency was rather runny.

On the plus side cloves are supposed to have a slight numbing effect which might prove useful for anal play. On the minus side I was expecting a thicker consistency for anal play. To my mind the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube is just too runny. I usually use Doc Johnson Anal lube which has the viscosity of Vaseline or KY Jelly.

I didn’t notice any numbing sensation either and found the aroma of cloves off-putting.

After use the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube was easily washed both me and the butt plug off with ordinary soap and water.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews


Sadly in my opinion the Swiss Navy Anal lube is not really suitable for anal play.


Meitiman’s Review

I’m generally a pretty fair judge of items I’m reviewing. I like to examine the product for what it is and not let outside opinions or my own prejudices impact how a product performs. With all of that in mind, it’s very surprising to me that I am rating this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube so poorly, but I feel it is deserved. Let’s take a closer look at my reasons.

This anal lubricant is labelled as a premium lube by Swiss Navy and is silicone-based. Silicone lubes typically are made to provide long-lasting lubrication without needing to reapply frequently and are usually great for in wet environments, such as the shower or tub, as they don’t wash off from coming into contact with moisture. They typically wash off with soap and water and some even leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised. A word of caution, though. It’s usually a good idea to spot test a little of the silicone lube on your toy somewhere (such as the base) if it’s silicone as well. Sometimes two different types of silicone can interact poorly and can lead to damage of the toy.

Since anal play is one of my favourite activities, I’m no stranger to a good quality lubricant. A good anal lube can really make or break your playtime. Unfortunately, Swiss Navy definitely missed the mark with their Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube.

The first problem with this lube was obvious as soon as I removed the safety seal; the smell. I can’t even imagine what kind of smell the company was going for, if they thought about it at all, but it’s safe to say they didn’t find it. This lube has a very strong chemical smell and it’s unlike any other lube I’ve experienced (that’s not a good thing). There’s no suggestions from Swiss Navy that this lube is supposed to smell or taste like any specific scent/flavor, so I’m not expecting roses, but this chemical smell is definitely the worst smelling lube I’ve encountered. It’s definitely off-putting to me and I imagine it will be to most people.

Speaking of taste, steer clear of this one. Again, the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube isn’t labelled to suggest it has a good taste so it’s not like Swiss Navy is misleading consumers or anything like that, but sex is, well, sex. If you’re applying this lube with your hand, you’re likely to touch skin afterwards and there’s a good chance you or your partner will be tasting the lube at least a little.

Even with how bad this product smelled, I didn’t feel I would be doing my due diligence if I didn’t sample the taste as well. I put a dab on my finger and proceeded to subject my taste buds to the cruellest form of torture they’ve experienced yet. Seriously, they still haven’t forgiven me yet. I wasn’t expecting vanilla ice cream, but the chemical taste is pretty much as bad as the smell. I would not use this lube in the future just from the fear that I may somehow end up tasting some of it and would have to stop the fun just to go rinse my mouth out with mouthwash. Definitely a mood-killer.

Does the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube actually come through on the basic intention it was designed for? Eh, not so much. I used it in the shower since that is my typical location when playing with anal toys, and it was just OK at best. It helped with lubrication a little, but not enough for anal use. There was definitely a lot of friction no matter how much I tried to use.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews

The consistency is pretty runny and I don’t feel like it stays on the toy well enough, but I also just feel like the lube isn’t as premium as Swiss Navy suggests. I was using it out of direct splash distance of the shower stream, but it still seems like the product was mostly running off the toy at even the slightest contact with water drops. Well I say running off, because while there was a lot of friction with the toy during use, the shower floor was very slippery and made it hard to get good footing due to the lube washing on to it. I felt like regardless of how much I applied, the results remained the same.

Worse yet, you aren’t left with the nice moisturised skin feeling that you get with actual premium lubes from companies like Jo. This lube left my skin feeling almost greasy and the shower floor is still slippery days later. I’m not sure how it could work so well on the floor or my skin, but just not working on my toy. It could be that this just doesn’t work well with silicone-type toys. Maybe a hard plastic vibrator would work much better, but I primarily use silicone-type toys and couldn’t really test this out.

Regardless of whether the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube would work better with plastic toys or not, I simply can’t think of a situation where I would recommend this product for. Even if you didn’t have to suffer the horrible taste, the smell is enough to ruin any ambience you have going. The point of products like lubrication is to improve or add something to your sex sessions and this one works against that. I don’t need it to taste like vanilla or smell sweet, but I don’t want to use a lube that is going to take me out of the moment and this lube definitely does.

Even if I could get beyond those problems, it’s just an OK lube. It didn’t provide the smoothness needed for anal play and you shouldn’t have to look so hard for positives if you’re going to label your lube as a premium product. I couldn’t recommend it to anyone and I won’t be using it any further as it currently is. I wanted to like it, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.


DivaFoof’s Review

I received the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube in exchange for my open and honest review.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews

Clonezone‘s target market is the gay community and as such, I’m not necessarily in their market though this very rarely stops me! The ‘pocket sized’ 1fl oz bottles of Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube are black opaque and on your bedside wouldn’t be out of place. It doesn’t scream gay and it doesn’t necessarily scream anal, which is fine.


On opening the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube, I was stopped in my tracks.  The smell.  I recognise that… I could feel myself searching my memory for the familiar smell and then it hit me. Dentist. Teeth pain. Why does it smell like the dentist?  Clove, my friends. Clove oil.

The Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube is supposedly an unscented clear relaxing lube but how can it be unscented? It smells like clove.  For my sins I did lick it, but you can imagine my face if you’ve ever had toothache, and you’ve had to go buy clove from Boots on an emergency, you’ll know clove oil is not only a horrible smell, but it also tastes vile. No good for those of us who like rimming or to be rimmed! Clove, however, is a mild numbing agent so it has the potential to aid comfortable anal play. So, you can understand partially why clove has been used because it’s perfect for dulling ring sting pain but that pretty much is the only benefit I can see right now.


As for the rest of the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane (the lube), Dimethicone (the silicone), Tocopheryl Acetate (long lasting / longer shelf life) and Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Oil. Yet again, I’m visiting the clove element, because…. Oil …. Oils are no good for condoms, oil permeate the tiny pores in the latex, wearing away at them and causing damage. When you put pressure on the condom – as you do during sex – these tiny holes can expand and the condom can break.

Most oils can damage latex. Mineral oils and vegetable oils are commonly found in some masturbation lubricants and anal lubricants, so look out for these substances. If your lubricant contains oil and it’s not specifically approved for use with latex, play it safe and don’t use it.  Unlike the other Swiss Navy lubricant, I reviewed for Clonezone where it specifically said ‘Latex Friendly’, the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube does not state it.  You will need to use a Polyurethane condom which can be used with Oils (note: a lot of non-latex condoms are Polyisoprene so make sure you get the right ones as Polyisoprene cannot be used with oil) – Polyurethane condoms tend to be more expensive and Clonezone do not sell them.  Just make sure you check the small text.

During Use

With the above in mind because I am in a monogamous relationship, not quite sure I’d describe us as adventurous -but hey, a girl can hope. Despite the clove oil smell plummeting my horniness to the floor, I kept going with the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube and decided to try out how good it was on the posterior! and I can report that as expected, it was pretty instant in numbing/relaxing the anal passage, so when in for a quickie, it’s pretty quick to react.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews

The Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube isn’t too runny, it trickles slowly down the finger.  It’s a little difficult to get out the bottle as the cap is a snap one and directional application is harder.  Cleanup was relatively easy but not the easiest with the oil element, even with baby wipes it didn’t feel like it was gone. You do need to take a bath or shower after use to remove residue because although it isn’t sticky, just the smell of the clove hangs around.

Value for Money

Currently on their website (25/3/17), the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube comes in at £9.99 for 2floz… but in the MIX pack you get 60ml of the Swiss Navy Sillicone Lube and 3floz of this lube for £9.99, 4floz is £14.99. So whilst you may not meet the category of monogamous adventurous couple, you get more for your money in the MIX pack than you do buying the standard bottle. How long this offer will last, I’m not sure!

If you were me, I’d be playing it safe and avoiding this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube and say it wasn’t really for the ‘outdoorsy’ type. That’s because if you’re just hitting up a date on Grindr or elsewhere, you’d hopefully be playing it safe and using a condom. And to get the right condom, you need to be super organised. If you wanted to use this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube for pegging purposes where the oil issue won’t bother you, you should note that it is a silicone lube -so be aware of what peg or toy you are using as you wouldn’t want to damage an expensive toy.


Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Reviews

This Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube leaves me with sad feelings because it’s then left for a very small niche part of the market which is a monogamous relationship couple who do not use condoms and happen to be adventurous because otherwise, the small bottles make no sense. For me… clove oil is a bad choice. It stinks, it tastes horrible, it’s not condom safe, its oil properties make it difficult clean up and the more I look at it, the more I dislike it.  Sorry!   0/10.

– DivaFoof

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