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4 out of 10

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Supercutesecret

Cara Sutra kindly gave me the opportunity to test out a couple of lubricants from Swiss Navy in the March round of the Pleasure Panel – I send my thanks! This is the review for the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube.


I received three mini bottles of this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube. The bottles all have a “press cap” lid, where you press down one end of the circle top and it pushes the opposite end up, revealing a little slot for the contents of the bottle to come out of. This isn’t my favourite type of bottle, I much prefer a pump or true cap lid. However (as I found out during testing), due to the consistency of the lube, it doesn’t make the type of lid as tedious or annoying to use as normal, as I don’t have to actually squeeze the bottle to get the lube out.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Review SupercutesecretIf hygiene is important to you, don’t worry, there is a seal on the opening of the bottle. You have to unscrew the cap to remove it. So don’t worry about any sort of contamination with this lubricant. The tiny bottle size is pretty cute and makes the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube super easy to store or even travel with. Black is a sleek colour for packaging, so this lube looks pretty good sat out on wherever you put it. There is a con to this I find, which is that you can’t tell how much of the lube is left in the bottle. Given the bottle is already super light when full, it’s a bit hard to gauge just by estimating.


So, ingredients-wise: this is a silicone lubricant. My first silicone lubricant was the other lube I reviewed from Swiss Navy (the Premium Silicone one), so this anal one is my second. I thought through being specifically labelled as “Anal”, as opposed to the just “Silicone” lube, there would be significant differences in formula that would allegedly make it more suitable for anal use. In fact, I have checked the ingredients on the two and they are exactly the same! Apart from this anal lube has clove oil added in (I have found out that clove is apparently a desensitising agent, so I understand the addition of this ingredient).

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Review SupercutesecretI was now suddenly sceptical of the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube, given my opinions on the other (almost identical!) lube – I actually wrote that I thought the Premium Silicone’s formula would not be particularly suitable for anal use, so it didn’t really bode well for the rest of my testing.

First Impressions

When I tested the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube on the back of my hand, the consistency was exactly what I expected given my knowledge of the other Swiss Navy lube. It is indeed super watery runny, way thinner than any anal lube I’ve ever used before. The Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube is so runny that you don’t even need to squeeze the bottle to get it out, it drips out all by itself.

If you give it a rub into your skin it absorbs in literally a second and leaves behind a very strong clove scent. I personally don’t mind that scent and find it quite pleasant, but obviously if you have a dislike for cloves, perhaps this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube would be best avoided. This lube after a second on my hand is traceless, leaving behind only a slight extra softness and smoothness on my skin, which I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t know it was there (it reminds me of a silicone make-up primer if you have ever used one of those).

Oily Film

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Review SupercutesecretEven though it absorbs into skin very easily, there is a slight oily film left behind on non-porous items, such as the lube bottle itself, making holding the bottle after you have applied some lube a little bit tricky. A pro of all this is that it doesn’t leave any sticky/tacky residue on your hands and body, but this speed of absorption is actually a disadvantage for anal play, since you actually want longevity for that use. You want to provide a constant cushion whilst inserting things inside you (into a hole which, quite frankly, is not made for putting things in).

Given my low expectations at this point, I guess the final thing to do was to test out if I being unfair or just realistic…

During Use

My testing panned out exactly as I expected it to. Bottom line: I do not rate this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube for anal use. The lube which I put directly on my body felt like I might as well have not bothered putting it there after a couple of seconds. The lube I put on the toy was inconveniently runny, so I had to try to be speedy at inserting my toy.

Lo and behold, insertion didn’t work at the first attempt. Then I added a second layer of Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube to my toy and it did work this time, however I wouldn’t exactly call it a smooth insertion – there was definitely more discomfort than I normally feel as opposed to with the lube I normally use (and normally I only have to put on one layer!).

I strongly feel the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube does not provide enough of a cushion to help ease things inside anally, and the toy I was using was smaller than the average penis size, so I would urge people to not select this lube as their choice for anal sex. I thought with this allegedly desensitising clove oil in, it would perhaps make insertion easier, but this obviously wasn’t the case. To be honest, I couldn’t feel any sort of desensitising effect on my body.

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Review SupercutesecretCondom Compatibility

A slight note on my earlier point about the addition of clove oil: on the Premium Silicone lube, this ingredient is not included and so says it is suitable for latex on the bottle. However, on this particular anal lube, no such claim is made, and one can deduce this is because of the additional oil, since oil is known to be incompatible with and break down latex condoms. I almost always use latex-free condoms anyway, due to a slight latex allergy, so this does not directly affect me.

However, if you wish to use this Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube with a latex condom, I would advise just using the Premium Silicone lube instead (though I still wouldn’t really recommend that either for anal use) – you will not get the “desensitising effects” of the clove oil, but I suppose if you are doing anal play sensibly and safely, there should hopefully be no desperate need for these effects anyway.


For me personally, when it comes to anal play, comfort is key. The Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube just did not deliver on that front. I don’t feel I could recommend this lube for that purpose unfortunately.

Overall Rating: 4/10

– Supercutesecret

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Supercutesecret for this review of the Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube (29.5ml bottle).
You can currently buy 6 mini bottles of Swiss Navy lube here at Clonezone for £9.99.

The Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube was free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Clonezone. Thank you! 🙂

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Review Supercutesecret

Swiss Navy Silicone Anal Lube Review Supercutesecret

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