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8 out of 10

Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Poppycat22

Until I started to be interested in and enjoy sex toys, I hadn’t really bothered with lube. It always felt like something that was unnecessary, but boy was I wrong! I had no idea the impact a different lube could make to an experience, so when these little bottles of Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube came up on the Pleasure Panel, I was excited to try them.

Presentation & Packaging

Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube Review

They’re really cute little bottles that are perfect for throwing in an overnight bag or just for keeping a fresh supply (I have a few standard size bottles of other lubes around that I can’t seem to use up) They’re no bigger than my contact lens case and although I’ve used the first bottle quite often to test, it’s barely made a drop in it, a little goes a long way. They come with a white security seal on top of the bottle that needs removing before use and a flip cap on top for easy dispensing. The tidy freak in me also likes the fact that if it gets knocked over during play, it’s not a huge quantity to clean up.

During Use

I haven’t really played with a silicone lubricant before, so didn’t know what to expect, this is very runny and got everywhere! I tried testing it with my njoy pure wand but it made holding it safely nearly impossible. The next time I was far more prepared and applied it with my other hand to keep the one holding my toy dry/not slippy. There’s no scent, a lasting effect and no irritation from use, I feel totally converted from water based lubes. In the name of science I even smudged some over the back of my hand to see if it would leave a taste, happily it didn’t, just felt slightly oily, which was to be expected.

Above photos from Cara Sutra’s review


I’d definitely recommend the Swiss Navy premium silicone lubricant, especially in this size bottle. The only negative I can draw is that I’d prefer it was thicker, and therefore easier to apply accurately so it’s 8/10.

– Poppycat22

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Poppycat22 for this review of the Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube (20ml bottle).
You can currently buy 6 mini bottles of Swiss Navy lube here at Clonezone for £9.99.

This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Clonezone. Thank you! 🙂

Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube Review

Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube Review

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    • It’s not advisable, no. It’s recommended that you use water based lube (or hybrid, check on your toy description) with silicone toys.

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