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Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Meitiman

This Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube was my first experience with the company. I’ve used a variety of different lubes in the past, but I’ve yet to come across this particular brand. So far, I’m not that impressed. The lube was OK, but there wasn’t much reason to choose it over other lubes that you’ll find more readily.

Silicone lubes can be great options for sex, especially in wet environments like showers or tubs. They are more resistant to sources of moisture and don’t wash off so easily without the use of soap. They typically provide long-lasting slippage during sexual activities without the need to reapply as frequently. Like water-based lubes, there are different consistencies to consider. For instance, this particular lube is more fluid and moves freely, similar to the way water would. It can be a little runny and not always the easiest to apply. It’s also a good idea to spot test silicone lubes on your toys if they’re also silicone. Sometimes different types of silicone can react poorly and can cause damage to your sex toys.

This Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube didn’t have too much of a chemical smell. There is a hint of it, but not enough to be out-of-the-ordinary or unpleasant. I also tried tasting it (in the name of science) and it that also, wasn’t anything too unusual. It’s definitely not a taste you’re going to want to try if you can help it, but you’re not going to have to rinse your mouth out if you happen to taste some of it off your partner’s skin, your hands, etc. I’d consider the taste and smell pretty standard as far as non-flavoured lubes go.

With the basics out of the way, I decided to try the Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube out in the shower, as well as out of the shower. Out of the shower, the lube seemed to work pretty well for vaginal sex with my wife. It didn’t blow me away, but it did help with some friction and made sex a little more pleasant. It does not compare to a true premium product like System JO, but it will get the job done OK for the most part. I didn’t notice too much that made me consider it before, during, or after sex. It did seem to leave my skin a little softer.

Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube Review

In the shower, however, was a different story. The Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube did not seem to work too well, even when I stayed out of the direct stream of water spray. I applied some and it did help with the friction, but things never felt slippery on my skin. I reapplied frequently, but I could never get a very good amount of slippage during play. That surprised me a little, because the product is so runny (like water) and was a little more difficult to apply or keep on during use because of this. I feel like it easily ran onto the floor of the shower and made the floor very slippery, but I could never get a satisfactory amount of slippage on my skin.

Overall, the Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube left me a bit underwhelmed. There really wasn’t anything about it to really grab my attention or set it apart from any other product. If anything, I’d say it under-performed a bit. It’s not really a bad product, but still, I can’t see myself reaching for this over a lube from a company like Jo. There are simply other silicone-based lubes that do it all better. This lube does come in a nice-looking flip-cap bottle, but even that creates a problem since the lube is so runny that it gets on the outside of the bottle after pouring and makes the bottle slippery to hold. The Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube is hardly one that I would call “Premium.” I wouldn’t deter people from purchasing it, but I also wouldn’t be recommending it when there are so many other good options to choose.


– Meitiman

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Meitiman for this review of the Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube (20ml bottle).
You can currently buy 6 mini bottles of Swiss Navy lube here at Clonezone for £9.99.

These lubes were sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Clonezone. Thank you! 🙂

Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube Review

Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube Review

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