Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube Review

4 out of 10

Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube Review

By Saint1ess

This round of the Pleasure Panel I managed to volunteer for some flavored lubricants and one of them was the Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube. It has been a long time since I tried any flavoured lubricant. My preference more recently has been for normal straight forward lubes, food or my own saliva (depending on the activity in question). Also back then flavoured lubes required several washes and brushes of teeth before you could stop the aftertaste. So, now seemed like a good time to revisit this sometimes controversial section of sex toys & adult products.

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Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube Review


The actual bottle itself in this particular version I received is 4 fl oz or 118 ml. It has a convenient twist to open and close the pump so no having to deal with one of my personal pet peeves – lids! Yes I don’t like lids or things where I can’t just get lube in my hands quickly when in a state of horniness.

In other positive aspects the plastic is 1 PET which means it is a very commonly recycled type of plastic (check your local provisions for more information). So for the environmentally concious of you out there that is a plus. The bottle of Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube itself is 7 inches tall so not what I would personally call compact for handbag or manbag use.


Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube Review

Upon investigation of what the ingredients of the Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube are, and usually used for, most of them are a form of sweetener. Assumably to help with the taste, preservation and the smell, we haven’t reached the smell yet! The main ingredient you may want to be careful of in this product is glycerine, which may not be a concern for most. However for those of you sensitive to it or prone to UTI or yeast infections you may want to either go easy on the frequency or amount you use this and do some research before purchasing.


Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube Review

Well first it isn’t brown, always a good start in my book! Being water based the Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube has a thick liquid texture to it but once rubbed in slightly it doesn’t run easily and stays in place. The best way I would describe it as a slightly thick texture that becomes more sticky over time kind of like really weak honey.

In Use – Oral

Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube Review

Taste wise you will have a very good idea of what you are in for as soon as you dispense the Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube, it is pretty potent! The best way I can describe the smell is like those chocolate logs you get in the supermarket at Christmas time. Smell aside, taste wise licking it off someone’s fingers or body parts of the non intimate variety will require you having a sweet tooth to do it for an extended period. However I found the taste was easier to tolerate for longer when it was mixed with juices and human body fluids.

In Use – Vaginal/Clitoral

Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube Review

Using the Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube for masturbation to see how it may feel during actual penetrative intercourse: 2 large teaspoon sized helpings were enough to keep me lubricated until climax. One helping of that size dried up and became twice as sticky twice as fast, so another helping was required. On this occasion I was going to cum fast so needing this much lube is abnormal for me when I’m having a quickie. Afterwards with my normal lube of choice a general wipe is in order to feel normal enough to last me until I choose to have a shower however with this lube a shower was in order immediately, it was so sticky it had to be washed off. This may not be a concern for most but I like to bask in the aftereffects of what has occurred, something that interrupts this for me is obscene unnatural stickiness. Hence I can be a little picky with lubes.


Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube Review

If you like chocolate coins and sticky residue you will love the Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube. Turns out some flavoured lubes are exactly as I remember and difficult to rid of in both taste and residue.

Perfect For: Chocolate lovers, novelty use, special occasions, sex toy use.

Not Ideal For: Anyone who gets sickly from sweet tastes fast, people prone to UTI or Yeast infections, those who dislike strong potent smells that don’t enhance but detract.

Rating: 4/10

– Saint1ess

Thanks to our reviewer Saint1ess for this review of the Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavoured Lube.

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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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