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9 out of 10

SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer StickyWicket

I’ve had mixed experiences with vibrating cock rings, so when Cara sent me the SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring (available here) to test I was excited and interested to see how it would measure up.


Unpacking was my first sense Svakom are onto something a little different, as the packaging had a hologram to show it’s a genuine Svakom product. I found that really reassuring, that this toy had the chance to be something a bit special.

The SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring is packaged really well. There is an outer film seal, a cardboard illustration with authenticity hologram, an inner cardboard box and protective packaging in the box. I did think the packaging was a bit overkill and excessive, but it was definitely a sign of things to come in terms of quality.

First Impressions

Getting to the toy itself, the SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring itself is essentially made up of the ring and a remote control. The remote control has a tab that needs to be pulled to activate the battery, it needs quite a tug too! Once the tab’s out, the ring is already charged so it’s ready to go.

SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring Review

There are three ways the SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring can be used I found so far. First it works as a standard cock ring. It has a nice curve to get right against a clit. Second it works turned 180 degrees and that curve then serves to nestle against your balls. Third, and this is really naughty, it works as a remote controlled toy when the two of you are out and about… but more about that in a while!

Putting It On

Putting on the SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring is really easy. Stretch the pliable ring, pull it over your hard cock and you’re good to go. I found a good level of grip – nice to keep a really firm erection and get those veins showing; but not too much to totally desensitise you. Mrs Stickywicket noticed how much firmer I felt and that I felt a little bigger than normal to her using this toy.

Vibrations & Operation

Mrs Stickywicket found the clit vibrations deep, intense and satisfying. I found them mellow and exciting at the same time. There are lots of different speeds and motions, including a ‘smart’ motion designed to guide you up to heaven. This rotates the modes in a way designed to build intensity and pleasure. You can gradually predict them to time the best moment for fireworks too.

SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring Review

The SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring is one of the most versatile cock rings I’ve ever known, predominantly because of the remote control. The remote feels pleasing, discreet and gives a great deal of power to the holder. This makes it ideal for both those times of more vanilla play right across to times of bondage, it is that versatile.

Kinky Play Options

Which brings me back to the bit about being out and about. Couple this toy with the right type of panties and immediately you have your very own toy you can control out and about. The curved shape is pleasing and stays in place if you get a good mix with a pair of panties. Think about going for a walk in a busy town centre or secluded woodland area or wherever is your fantasy, then think about one of you wearing the SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring in your panties whilst your Dominant has the remote in his or her hands. Add in a pair of handcuffs discreetly disguised by a jacket thrown over them and you’ve pretty much got a pretty kinky scenario whenever you like it! Maybe we’re just a bit too deviant?

The SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring isn’t just a toy for straight couples either. Gay or bi guys can get a bit extra out of this since it holds its place nicely if the bottom decides to wear it whilst being fucked and it gives a nice pulsing sensation to your balls. If you’re the top doing the fucking wearing this, it does make your whole cock vibrate which will drive the other guy insane. My word this weekend has been kinky.

Charging Up

SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring Review

Svakom helpfully include a spare remote control battery too. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was how to recharge it so I had to look at their website since the instructions do not cover this. The trick is to insert the headphone style plug into the discreet ‘dimple’ on one side of the vibrator then plug this into a USB socket of your choice. Charging was really quick, under an hour for a full charge for us.


SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring Review

I’m delighted Cara gave us the chance to review the SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring and it has a firm favourite place in our collection now. Top tip though is to take time to read the instructions as we just dived in by pressing buttons before we even realised how to trigger the smart mode which is excellent.

Delighted to give it a firm 9/10 and really suggest others try this one to believe how good it is.

– StickyWicket

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer StickyWicket for this review of the SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring. You can buy yours here.

The SVAKOM Winni Vibrating Ring was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by SVAKOM sex toys. Thank you! 🙂

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