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SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Edger

So after a monster round of testing and reviews this month, I finally got around to the one that I was most looking forward to.  Having been selected by Cara to try out the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug, I was eager to see if this sex toy really did look as good up close and if it really did deliver as well as it looked.  I had recently tried out a top end prostate massager from Nexus, so would this thing live up to the high standard that the previous month’s had.

When the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug arrived, I was actually hugely impressed with the packaging and the effort that had been put in to make this thing look and feel top end whilst unpacking it.  I know that you ultimately don’t end up playing with the box, however, I really like to see that the toy looks impressive before using it.  It did however leave very little to the imagination with a big clear picture on the front.  The back revealed more information about the product itself, with details covering everything from material to numbers of modes etc…

Inside the box only added to the feeling of a high end product.  The SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug box contained all of the usual stuff, charger etc, however, it also included a really nice feeling storage bag, so that the item could be safely tucked away in your bedside drawers away from all of the dust and debris.  It also contained a very (and I mean very) in depth manual that covered all kinds of detail about usage and some very biology textbook style diagrams about where this thing goes and where it ultimately ends up.  Also there was a product warranty card for those that would like to register it.

I decided to charge up the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug prior to giving it a go and it plugged in easily with the simple USB charger cable that it came with.  No issues here and I left it for a couple of hours till I was confident it was fully prepped and ready to go.

As for the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug itself, I think it looks great.  It is all sleek lines and smooth curves and I just feel it looks a little bit less aggressive than some of its rivals in the prostate massaging category.  It is clearly designed to look the part and the Gold big brand logo on the bottom just looks fab.  It is made from ABS and high quality silicone and it really is smooth and soft to the touch (with, I would say, only a small amount of give to the material).  It did not feel grabby in any way and it did not appear to pick up much dust like some silicone materials do.

I would say that they have really made something great here.  The SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug has an insertable length of about 4 inches and I would say a medium size girth to it, so not one for the complete beginner, but not really an advanced or extreme toy by any stretch of the imagination.

SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug Review

The SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug has two areas capable of stimulation, one to target the prostate and one to target the perineum. Both felt that they were equally powerful motors and there was no disappointment that one end let the other end down.

The massager itself has 7 different vibration modes, each with a unique name, 2 normal modes, 2 caressing modes, joyous, passionate and climax – essentially a range including different straight vibration modes and a number of modes that cycle with a range of pulsing patterns.  Each of these modes can then be accessed at 5 different intensity levels.  The different modes and the toy can be operated via the button on the bottom of the massager, however, I used the remote control for the purpose of the review, as if you have got the remote, why bother reaching down and fumbling around to find a button that you don’t have to.

So once on, I quickly realised that this thing is really very good.  It had a deep rumbling sensation that certainly penetrated deeper than the toy itself and transferred across to where it needed to easily.  I personally felt that I needed need to power it up and much beyond the first 3 levels of intensity to get a fantastic deep feeling from this.  Cycling through the different modes of vibration, each of them had something to add, however, it was the deep down simple hum of the standard vibration mode that really hit the spot for me.  No issue with insertion, positioning or vibration sensation, this thing is brilliant!

As with all toys of this material, the clean up afterwards was a simple affair, using some soapy water and a rub down with a simple sex toy cleaner, before putting it back into the lovely bag.

Another quick point worth noting is that the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug is waterproof to a depth of one metre, which is fantastic for some bath or shower play.  Just make sure that you are not wearing it under your trunks at the deep end of the local swimming pool.

In summary, I thought that the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug really did hit the spot for the price that it costs, and it looks just so good, all sleek lines and curves. Admittedly you cant see that when you are using it, but it only adds to the high end feel that this toy delivers.


– Edger

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Edger for this review of the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug.

SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Vibrating Plug Review

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