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8 out of 10

SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Married2Sexy

I am a lover of prostate play, particularly the deeper and sometimes multiple orgasms I get from it.  Surprisingly though, the non-vibrating versions of plugs I have tested proved more stimulating than the vibrating ones.  But who am I not to give another one a chance.  That is why I volunteered to review the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager for this month’s Pleasure Panel.  Thank you for providing this sex toy free of charge for an honest review.

SVAKOM and I have a love-disappointment relationship. This is because while I love their willingness to innovate, their choice of vibrations have been an underpowered buzz and the uniqueness of their toys just falls short of my hope.  This was the case with the SVAKOM Siime.  A slick vibrator with a camera on the end.  Hence, what if the company just made a toy without any novelty?  This is the case with the VICK.  A vibrating prostate toy, with a remote.  Nothing new to the market.

The packaging of the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager is of a fine cologne.  A white slipcover slips off to reveal a modern clean matte black hinged box with a reflecting SVAKOM logo.  Opening up this box reveals a well packaged, protected and displayed toy.  Very clean and upscale.

Underneath the custom foam insert are the directions and a spare battery.  The matte black remote is the size of a remote start, with three buttons, +, M and -.  These match the plug, which are found on the base.  There is also a reflective quarter-size gold plate with SVAKOM etched on to it.  The whole production is to be upscale and sophisticated.

The included proprietary charger has USB on one end and a thin jackpin on the other.  This plugs into the base and is designed to make the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager waterproof.  The L-shaped design contains two motors.  One is in the stem that is inserted, while the other is on the nub that presses against the perineum for external stimulation.

SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager Review

This SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager has 35+1 settings.  This is broken down into 7 patterns with 5 speeds each, along with a unique setting for extra pleasure.

Pressing the “M” button on the plug, the toy comes to life with the constant vibration setting and the middle speed.  Holding the “M” button again turns the toy off.  Simple so far.  Then pressing the “+” button once you will increase the vibration power and the same goes for the “-” button for decreasing the speed.  If you double press the “+” button or the “-” button, you change vibration patterns.  But once you reach the end of patterns or speeds by using the “+” or “-” buttons, you must then use the opposite to go back.

Following me so far?

The “M” button, however, can also be used; pressing once for speed and double press for mode.  This method however makes the toy cycle through all the speeds and modes.  The remote’s buttons act the same way but pressing the “M” button will only turn the toy into sleep mode once it is turned on from the base and will also awaken it from sleep mode if put there by pressing the remote.

My head is just as confused now as it was in the heat of play.  Allowing the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager to charge, I decided I will not worry about which specific mode I am in, but rather find the one that feels the best and go with it.

Once the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager was ready, I applied liberal amounts of water-based lube.  The toy slid in wonderfully and secured itself in place.

Pressing the base to turn it on, I then transferred my attention to the remote.  The constant vibration (strength 3) was a nice starting point, more rumbly than buzzy.  Increasing the speed up to 4, then 5, I did notice more intensity, but not an increase in pleasure.  The external motor designed to stimulate the perineum and the prostate externally, definitely shook the area, but did not provide much pleasure.

I will say at this point, my anatomy does not respond to external prostate stimulation, so I cannot fault the toy here.  As for the noise? It was audible to me, but I knew it was there.  If you were in a quiet restaurant, it could be heard but not pinpointed.

Wanting to experience what the lower settings bring, I pressed the “-” button until I was at strength 2 and then 1.  The lowest strength (1) is low, quiet, and just shy of being off.  Messing around with the different patterns and strengths, both by pressing the “+” and “-” button, and the “M” button, I ended up not knowing which pattern I was in.  You can feel the difference from a reviving up and down pattern to a pulse, but to look at the manual and say, I am on this pattern was nigh impossible.

Settling on the highest strength pulse setting, I brought myself to orgasm.  Though the orgasm felt more full body, it was not a prostate orgasm.  This was the case after each use, fuller but not a true prostate.  I feel this may be due to the internal tip not setting directly on my prostate to transfer the vibrations.  Using the remote to place the plug into sleep mode, I removed it and cleaned it up with ease.

SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager Review

Overall, the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager is a very comfortable plug.  After insertion, I roamed around my home and never felt it slipping out.  During my first and follow-up sessions, the plug never tried to remove itself on its own.  While the pleasure did not give me the holy grail of male orgasms, it did make the experience fuller.  The drawbacks are the confusing multi-functional buttons and the not true to my anatomy shape.

SVAKOM did well with this toy.  The SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager is not innovating in anyway, but it is definitely a solid vibrating plug, with a useful responsive remote.

8 out of 10

– Married2Sexy

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Married2Sexy for this review of the SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager.

SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager Review

The SVAKOM Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review. This review contains affiliate links.


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