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6 out of 10

SVAKOM Hedy Ice Cream Egg Style Penis Masturbator Review (Pink)

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Bondagegod1

The SVAKOM Hedy Ice Cream Egg Style Penis Masturbator (available here – other styles available) immediately caught my attention when viewing the products in the June Pleasure Panel round. As the bright pink and white appearance certainly made this masturbator stand out, while it did also reminded me of a TENGA egg which was the first penis toy I used and using these style of masturbators again is usually a pleasurable amount of solo fun.

SVAKOM Hedy Ice Cream Egg Style Penis Masturbator Review

After removing the pink and white film wrapping I was greeted by the soft body safe pink TPE material which the masturbator has been made from is stored inside a firm plastic casing. First sight of the sleeve there is a swirled design to the outer skin to help maintain a grip during play, the inner lining of the masturbator is coated with a series of ribs and dots to provide you with a range of stimulation textures during play. A sachet of SVAKOM water based lube is supplied with the SVAKOM Hedy.

The small size of these style of masturbators always amazes me, how it is possible for the appearance of the egg to look and measure so small as it is only only 3.7 inches in length and has a diameter of 1.6 inches. Yet it still manages to stretch to a suitable length of your erection.

After applying the sachet of lube to coat the inner sleeve and a light coating around the tip of my penis, I worked the egg down the length of my penis by slowly working the stretchable masturbator to a suitable position. I managed to reach over half the length of my erection being covered. I discovered though this did thin out the textures to the point where I couldn’t feel the textures with each movement of the SVAKOM Hedy Masturbator. To enjoy the maximum feel of the textures I did raise the position of the egg and focused on stimulating the head of my penis as this did allow me to feel sensitive and excited as I could now feel the textures working to raise my stimulation levels up.

I was enjoying the masturbation session that I was indulging in and it wasn’t long before I reached a climax. While I wouldn’t say the SVAKOM Hedy Masturbator let me reach a complete loss of control it did allow me to enjoy a moment of pleasure at the moment of climaxing.

I was impressed with the strength of the TPE material with this particular egg as during testing I did see how much stretch it could handle and there were no rips when trusting at a fast speed it remained to the quality as it was on arrival. As this does offer you the opportunity to experience several play sessions with the particular masturbator.

Cleaning of the SVAKOM Hedy Masturbator is easily achieved by allowing any fluid to empty out of the sleeve, before turning the egg inside out to washing away any remaining lube or body fluid. Before applying a sex toy cleaner to provide a through clean, as this will help to preserve the life off the egg.

SVAKOM Hedy Ice Cream Egg Style Penis Masturbator Review

SVAKOM Hedy Ice Cream Egg Style Penis Masturbator Review

Overall the SVAKOM Hedy Ice Cream Egg Style Penis Masturbator is a well made stretchable toy that can be used multiple times. The egg is perfectly suitable for beginners venturing into the world of sex toys without the overwhelming feel of a larger or realistic masturbator. While it may not have given me a mind blowing climax it did still offer a suitable amount of pleasure as I reached climax. I would give the egg a rating of 6/10.

I like to thank Cara for sending me the Svakom Hedy Reusable Egg Style Male Masturbator-Pink via the Pleasure Panel in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion; which is my own.

The SVAKOM Hedy Ice Cream Egg Style Penis Masturbator is available to purchase for £7.95.

– Bondagegod1

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Bondagegod1 for this review of the SVAKOM Hedy Ice Cream Egg Style Penis Masturbator.

SVAKOM Hedy Ice Cream Egg Style Penis Masturbator Review

The SVAKOM Hedy Ice Cream Egg Style Penis Masturbator was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review. This review contains affiliate links.

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