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8 out of 10

Sutherland Lubricating Jelly Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer FesureMaybe

The Sutherland Lubricating Jelly (available from Amazon) is a plain, no smell, sterile water-based lubricant. This is designed for vaginal, surgical or gynaecological procedures. With regards to the sex toy world this can be good for people who have an allergy to lubricants with flavours and scents or for people who use medical toys like speculums etc.

The packaging is pretty plain, you can tell that this is generally designed as a medical lubricant. Green and white writing with “General lubricating needs” written on the front. This is literally what it says on the tin and very straight to the point. The back states it is not a contraceptive but this is safe for use on condoms which is a perk. It talks about how it will not harm rubber or metal objects making it safe for use on toys or objects as stated before you may like to use with it. It talks about being greaseless, transparent, water soluble, sterile and spreads easily. I think its covered everything I think about when I get a new lubricant and answered the questions for me which is good as it makes it clearer without having to read up or find out when you start using it.

The lubricant itself when opening the cap is a little screw cap which makes it more difficult for using during sexy times as its fiddlier to open but it does have a seal on it which is another perk because it ensures hygiene. It’s in a squeezy tube too which is messier because you can’t limit how much comes out in one go when you squeeze it meaning it went everywhere for me. It is transparent and it is also greaseless so both of these are true on the box. I also agree with the statement of it spreading easily as using it on my toy it went smoothly and nicely all over my toy which a big blob of it on my hand.

It felt amazing and wet when using it and it was nice to have no sticky feeling or greasy feeling afterwards which was a big pro for me not having to worry. It also had a nice balanced consistency to it so found it was just right and not too thin or too thick. I think the only thing I don’t like about this lubricant is the fact it is so plain and nothing to it, I prefer my lubricants to have flavour and excitement to them. I suppose it is good for people who have skin allergies or don’t like the flavoured lubricants then this is good for them.

Sutherland Lubricating Jelly Review

This product really does do what it says on the tin. It does everything it says it is going to and is very plain so definitely good if you need it for different scenarios or for medical toys to add that extra factor of feeling it was a medical procedure then this is definitely a good product. The thing that let it down is as well is the squeezy tube I definitely prefer a pump action bottle for me to make to put a few squirts on and chuck it back in the drawer.


– FesureMaybe

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer FesureMaybe for this review of the Sutherland Lubricating Jelly.

Sutherland Lubricating Jelly Review

Sutherland Lubricating Jelly Review

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