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STR8cam Lubricant Review

When UberKinky contacted me as part of their monthly sex toy reviews scheme with regular reviewers, I got a bit cheeky and asked for two from their list of choices for the month. I couldn’t decide between this STR8cam Lubricant and the Oxballs PowerBalls cock ring. They are very generous and long suffering with me – and agreed to send both! I am a lucky girl, I know. Take a look at the Sexual Lubricants at Uber Kinky to discover other great quality lubes.

STR8cam Lubricant Review Hybrid Sex Lubricant Review

The STR8cam Lubricant seems to be another branding of the famous SPUNK lube. Str8cam is an adult/18+ only cam and clip site, and this lubricant has been branded with the main man in mind, known as ‘Str8cam Jeff’.  A cartoon version of him appears on the lubricant bottle packaging. You can also find details of the ingredients of this lube on there too. It’s all clearly marked, very professionally done. This STR8cam Lubricant also won the TLA Video award for the Sex Toy/Accessory of the Year.

A bonus point for the dispenser top too; it’s a pump dispenser so you can easily get to your lube one handed if needs be. As it turns out, you do often need to get to your lube one handed during sex or masturbation, so lubes with a pump dispenser top get extra marks from me.

When requesting this STR8cam Lubricant I’d assumed it was water based but as it turns out it’s a hybrid lube. I was expecting the lube to therefore be quite thick and tacky like the other hybrid lubricants I’ve tested. I got a nice surprise when I first dispensed some of the STR8cam Lubricant and found it to feel just like a water based lubricant. It’s not thick enough to be tacky and not runny enough to miss the whole point of a lube. It feels silky on the skin and isn’t irritating in the slightest.

When using the STR8cam Lubricant I prefer to dispense it into my hand or on my fingers before applying where I want it; a pump dispenser top isn’t the most accurate for squirting straight on to a toy. It’s great for squirting into a Fleshlight or other masturbation sleeve, though. It’s also very effective for giving handjobs, as you can keep one hand around his penis while getting more lube if you need it. The lubricant coats the skin really well and is a complement to the experience rather than a distraction or annoyance.

STR8cam Lubricant has been developed so it resembles ejaculate, or cum. It does this very well, similar to the other Cum Lube I’ve tested. The STR8cam Lubricant is pale and has a cream tint. It’s not entirely translucent like a standard clear lube.

Although it has the semi-opaque look and the slippery consistency of cum, the STR8cam Lubricant doesn’t smell or taste of cum, you’ll (probably) be happy to hear. It has a pleasant, clean scent and a slightly sweet taste. It’s not an edible or lickable lube though, so don’t drink the stuff.

The STR8cam Lubricant lasts a long, long time, whether used for masturbation with or without sex toys, or during your choice of sexual foreplay and intercourse with a partner. The water element of the formulation means that it will eventually mostly dissipate through evaporation with friction and body heat. Due to the silicone element, this takes a lot longer than when using water based lube. The main reason I prefer this hybrid lube over others I’ve tried is that there’s virtually no residue. It doesn’t cause me any irritation or that annoying skin itching sensation after the sexy fun is done; I don’t necessarily have to get up and scrub with soap and water to get the slimy or sticky feel off my skin. This lube feels natural and it feels like it’s great for my skin.

It’s also pretty horny and kinky that it looks like spunk!

One side note: the STR8cam Lubricant does contain glycerine so if you’re sensitive to this ingredient in a lube then perhaps avoid. Not going to deduct any points for this, as my cooch doesn’t mind a touch of glycerine. Or an After Eight cock sheath during sex, for that matter.

Hybrid lubricant can also be used with all your sex toys even silicone ones, which means that the STR8cam Lubricant is even more of a versatile asset in the bedroom.

STR8cam Lubricant Ingredients

Water, Cyclopentasilozane, Cyclohexasilozane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxymethylcellulose, Glycerine, Methylparaben

Buy the STR8cam Lubricant

With a generous 236ml / 8 fl oz bottle size, you get a LOT of lube for your money and the STR8cam Lubricant is great value at just £11.99 a bottle. I’d recommend this lube and we’ve enjoyed using it, a lot. If you fancy getting your mitts on some, buy the STR8cam Lubricant at UberKinky for £11.99.



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– Cara Sutra

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