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7 out of 10

Stormy Night by Jade Stratton Erotica Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch

I was sent Stormy Night by Jade Stratton by Cara as part of The Pleasure Panel to review. Being a huge fan of erotic fiction I was really excited to have a read of this story which would hopefully make brilliant holiday reading material for me.

Stormy Night by Jade StrattonStormy Night is the story of recently single Anne, disillusioned with her life and job she gets a late night phone call about a technical problem with data for an important account and has to brave the elements to go in and sort the problem. Unbeknown to her the I.T. consultant that has called her in harbours a real crush on her and has been trying to pluck up the courage to ask her out since starting at the firm.  Thrown together in the empty office, soaking wet, will Jack finally be brave enough to make a move? Will Anne see past her preconceptions to see the man Jack really is?

I really enjoyed this story. It felt well written and the descriptive prose really set the scene in the darkened office filled with sexual tension as the atmosphere between Anne and Jack shifted up a gear. The erotic scenes were exciting and although they lacked the kink I usually look for, the writing was good enough that I still felt horny reading it. I would have liked a little more sex in the story but this would be my only criticism of Stormy Night, the erotic descriptions were graphic without being crude. Stormy Night does border on the tamer side of what I would usually read and yet I still enjoyed it. I think the reason behind this was the anticipation Jade Stratton has building to the moment when the situation between Jack and Anne changes. You find yourself willing Jack to make a move.

Jade Stratton has done a great job of quickly setting the background to the story without it becoming unnecessary or tedious and you know just enough about Anne to understand her mindset and feelings in relation to Jack. Both characters are likeable and I found Jack to be a sweet male lead and was attracted to his character. The twist in the end was nice and wrapped the story up well leaving me feeling like a good conclusion was met and there were no loose ends.

I definitely will be reading more erotic fiction by Jade Stratton, simply to see what her spectrum is. I have already downloaded another of her stories to read. Based on my enjoyment of this one I’m looking forward to diving into the next one. Stormy Night is a nice little bit of escapism and whilst it’s not something I would read to get myself off it would certainly put you in the right mood to play, either with a partner or alone. I give Stormy Night by Jade Stratton 7/10 and recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading mild erotica.

– Candy Snatch

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch for this review of the erotic short Stormy Night by Jade Stratton (99p on Kindle from Amazon)

This erotic e-book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you!

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Sharing Daniel by Jade Stratton erotic short story review

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