Stimul8 Clitoris Gel Review

7 out of 10

Stimul8 Clitoris Gel Review

By DivaFoof

I received the Stimul8 Clitoris Gel as a gift from an online sex shop as part of my most recent order, I thought it was only fair to provide an open and honest review of this in return for the kind gesture.

First Impressions

On looking at the item, the Stimul8 Clitoris Gel box has a slim naked woman with a belly button piercing covering her vagina with her hand.  It’s a very sexual picture but isn’t particularly ‘rude’ and is a more classic in its black and white state.  The packaging is adorned with a pink tint for the Stimul8 logo which is iconic amongst their other products.

Even when reading the small print, it’s not clear what the Stimul8 Clitoris Gel will actually do in order to stimulate the clit? The product is designed to stimulate the sensitivity of the clitoris and is for application as much as you want and repeat as often as you like directly onto the clitoris but what does it do?  If you know your ingredients, you’ll read that it has Polysorbate 20 in it, this is an emulsifier but it also used to improve the spreading feeling of mint in some products.   This meaning, it’s likely to be a cooling/tingling product.


As for the rest of the Stimul8 Clitoris Gel ingredients, there isn’t anything particularly worrying. I questioned the Aminomethyl Propanol as on first look it’s a PH adjuster, however, I’m happy to report that it looks like it is used in baby products and as such, if safe to use on a baby’s bum, it’s safe to use on an adult.

Inside the Stimul8 Clitoris Gel box is a 30ml bottle. Compared to the classic cute cardboard exterior, the bottle is very plain and cheap looking.  It’s a fully white bottle that looks very medicinal, it has a white label with a simple Stimul8 pink and white logo and a black text saying ‘Clitoris Gel’. It repeats everything that is on the outside of the box on the bottle but this time only in English (the box offers several languages) and thus I have no need to keep the box except for the fact it looks nicer!

The Stimul8 Clitoris Gel bottle has a huge pump spray, with a clear cap to protect the spray itself when not in use. The pump is almost as big as the bottle itself.

During Use

Stimul8 Clitoris Gel Review

The Stimul8 Clitoris Gel sprays easily onto anything in any direction, and is thick enough that the gel does not run or move from where you apply it.  It’s slightly opaque white gel and smells faintly minty, it doesn’t tingle on the finger.   On application to the clit, it has a spreading feeling of mint and cooling which was expected after reading the ingredients but not from the description itself. The description doesn’t lend itself to a lube but it has the properties that it could easily be used.   The tingle isn’t that strong and is easy to remove with a baby wipe or soap and water.  The Stimul8 Clitoris Gel costs £7.99 from online sex shops.


Overall the Stimul8 Clitoris Gel is not the best tingle product I’ve tried but equally it’s a good starter for those who want to try it out.  I give it a 7/10 as it could do with a better description as I really had to guess what it would do. It also could do with a better design on the bottle.

– DivaFoof

Thanks to our reviewer DivaFoof for this contributed review of the Stimul8 Clitoris Gel.

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