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R Leigh

Squirt School: The Book by R Leigh

Pleasure Panel book review by Kerrie Lacey

I received Squirt School: The Book in electronic form although it’s also available as paperback/hard copy if you prefer. I was happy to be able to take this with me to read when out an about without anyone knowing I was improving my knowledge around squirting. It made very inspiring reading having a coffee after shopping!

Squirt School The Book R LeighWhat follows is an honest review of the e-book.

The book is written in a very sex positive way, encouraging dialogue around sex and healthy sexuality – something I have just been able to personally appreciate in my present relationship. It is a course, that facilitates the confidence to explore, try and achieve this thing called squirting.

It starts with a history of squirting, an anatomy and physiology lesson and the first of the homework assignments that are set throughout the course – getting comfortable with your ‘bits’, first alone and then with your partner.

The book continues with explanation and exercises to do alone and with your partner. Most of them were fun and even if we just laughed together doing them, it helped us relax.

I say laughed together, not being disrespectful to the author but much of the book encourages preparing for sexual pleasure, some of which are a little New Age’ for my partner and I. We prefer to relax before sex by chilling, talking, touching and lots of foreplay. As I say I’m not debunking mediation and mindfulness – it’s simply horses for courses as the saying goes.

So what did I learn from the book?

I didn’t realise that women squirt from their urethra and not vaginally and that research has been done to prove the ejaculate is not simply urine.

I liked that the book. It is written very positively, explores some of the myths around squirting and is supportive in trying it, without making it something of a Holy Grail of sexual achievement.

I would recommend it to those exploring the idea of squirting.

I would like to thank Raine Leigh for allowing me to try the course and review the book, and Cara Sutra for giving me this opportunity.


– Kerrie Lacey

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kerrie Lacey for this guest book review of the Squirt School: The Book by R Leigh (£5.60)

This digital sex guide / book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by author R Leigh.

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