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10 out of 10

Spurt Premium Water Based Lubricant 20ml Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer kikka_jennie

I recently reviewed Spurt Premium Silicone Lube in a 20ml bottle, I am extremely happy to review Spurt Premium Water Based Lubricant in a 20ml bottle for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel.

I really like the clear label and branding of Spurt in bold black writing and the premium water based lubricant surrounded in a nice deep blue box, it’s easy to read. The name and size reminds me of a sports bottle shot when you are getting ready for a marathon, just more sexy and a different type of marathon. It is such a clear and clean label without any designs distracting from what it is.

The label states all the ingredients which makes this water based lubricant lubricant as well as the manufacturer information and who it’s manufactured for. The label also states how it’s a lubricant that can be used with latex condoms, like most water based lubes although it is best to read the label.  The label has as basic instructions of apply as much as you want on the part of the body. I tested this with a latex condom and found it lasted a long time and was very slippy. It is best to keep lubes in a cool dark place and the label also says this.

The small 20ml capped bottle is great for travelling as can be put in pockets or purses. It is made of hard plastic, it is not easily squashed and when the lid is shut it’s hard to compress, so no messy surprise leakages.

The pop top is very easy to press up and press down by applying a small amount of pressure to the flat area which says ‘PRESS’, it opens a small gap on the other side to which the lube comes out of. Upon tilting and applying a small squeeze to the middle of the bottle the lube flows out quite easily at a steady pace.

It is a bit thicker than its premium silicone partner, which I was a little shocked about due to this being a water based lubricant, most water based lubricants I have found quite runny. I did find due to the viscosity of the lubricant that the top needed a small wipe after use as it was quite stringy, the press lid cut off the flow quite easily and stopped a lot of mess.

The Spurt lubricant itself is a lovely thick milky white substance which coats whatever your needing it to extremely well. It lasts well on the hand, it does not feel greasy and leaves the body part feeling very soft afterwards. I could not find a smell with the lube and the taste was quite tasteless, it does say this on the bottle, although I found it had a taste but not one I could place to anything, it was not unpleasant just not what I thought it would taste like. To clean up the excess or any spill over lube I used a couple of baby wipes, due to its thickness and stringiness. It was easily removed leaving no residue or unpleasant stickiness.

The name really explains the mechanism as well as the action, a quick spurt of lube and your ready to play, especially in this small bottle.

I am really loving this lube and the company SPURT, the quality of these lubes are outstanding. A must have in your lube collection, in my opinion.

Overall I think this long lasting lubricant is brilliant, it is also a really good price of £2.99 for this 20ml little travel bottle.


– kikka_jennie

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer kikka_jennie for this review of the Spurt Premium Water Based Lubricant 20ml.

The Spurt Premium Water Based Lubricant 20ml was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Fetch Shop. 

Spurt Premium Water Based Lubricant 20ml Review


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