Someone Else’s Skin by Elizabeth Coldwell Book Review

8 out of 10
Xcite Books

Someone Else’s Skin by Elizabeth Coldwell Book Review

by Cara Sutra

Someone Else’s Skin by Elizabeth Coldwell is another novel from the as always excellent Xcite Books, available in paperback (£7.99) or as an e-book which can be downloaded instantly for a lower price. I really must buy a proper e-book reader soon!

Someone Else’s Skin by Elizabeth Coldwell Book ReviewThe main character in Someone Else’s Skin is Annie, a journalist in New York, who is sent to interview a famous hypnotist – think Paul McKenna and you will know the type. Being sceptical of hypnotism, much like me in fact, she is prepared to expose him as a con man and charlatan. All this changes when she herself is hypnotised live on stage in front of an audience!  She is not made to pole dance or run around naked, but she knows she has been hypnotised for real.

Her curiosity is piqued and she arranges to interview Graham, the hypnotist, a couple of days later, with totally unexpected results.

The author of Someone Else’s Skin, Elizabeth Coldwell, takes us on an exciting if rather unbelievable ride with generous amounts of hot sizzling sex between Annie and her long suffering partner, Matt. Without spoiling the story, Annie is again hypnotised and this time she travels forward in time 200 years where she discovers she is now a he! As Jai we follow her adventures in the author’s idea of the future, which, reassuringly still includes raunchy erotic couplings, threesomes and other mildly kinky delights.

Someone Else’s Skin by Elizabeth Coldwell alternates between Annie in the real world and Jai in the future as Annie is repeatedly hypnotised. Her real life is reassuringly normal and every day, while her future encompasses subterfuge, rebellion and her confusion at being a woman, in a man’s body, making love to a woman! Her feelings and emotions at such a twist are dealt with sensitively and sensuously.

As with all good books, there is a happy ending in Someone Else’s Skin for all concerned!

If you can suspend your scepticism then you will enjoy what are essentially two novels interlinked in an ingenious manner, well written and with a full depth of character for Annie, Matt and Jai.

I have to say I thought it stretched my scepticism too far, but taken with a pinch of salt and a sense of humour it is an entertaining novel, different from the norm.

You can buy Someone Else’s Skin by Elizabeth Coldwell for £7.99, paperback version.

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