So Divine Prosecco Lubricant Review

7 out of 10
So Divine

So Divine Prosecco Lubricant Review

By Tigerlily

So Divine are a UK company known for their range of safe and affordable sex toys to suit all tastes. The new So Divine Prosecco Lubricant is their first foray into the personal lubrication market, available online for £7.99/100ml bottle. So should you crack out the bubbly, or is this one best left on the shelf?


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Does It Taste of Prosecco?

Lubricant generally isn’t all that pleasant to taste, though it shouldn’t harm you. For the sake of this review, I tasted a few different brands. The So Divine Prosecco Flavoured Lubricant isn’t at all unpleasant. I’d describe the flavour as somewhere between Peach liquor and strawberry Chewits, but with an odd minty sweetener aftertaste (likely from the sorbitol, which is also commonly used in mint chewing gum). Not quite a flute of bubbly, but pleasant nonetheless. I definitely wouldn’t mind sucking or licking something that’s been slathered in this, so that’s always good.

So Divine Prosecco Lubricant Review

However, I can’t think of many occasions when I’ve faced that problem. If your fantasy does, in fact, involve lubricating and then licking your object of desire, rather than the more convenient way of getting the licking done first… well then you’ve come to the right place!

How Well Does It Lubricate?

A click-top and stiff plastic bottle ensures you won’t spurt too much lube out in use. Just press down where indicated, invert the bottle, wait a moment then squeeze lightly.

Comparing to my usual brand of water-based lube, a basic friction test between my fingertips showed the So Divine Prosecco Lubricant dried up more quickly, and just wasn’t as slick.

For light use if you absolutely must go vegan, or as a novelty (ie, the Prosecco flavour aspect), it’s fine. But for frequent or heavy use, re-application would be needed. For anal, it just isn’t up to the task.

So Divine Prosecco Lubricant Review


The So Divine Prosecco Lubricant proudly advertises its Vegan-friendly status. Most water-based lubricants don’t contain animal products, but they may have been tested on animals. With the trademark of the Vegan Society on the packaging and stringent EU labelling laws, this should mean we can trust the claim.

I reached out to the Vegan Society to verify the use of their trademark by So Divine Prosecco Lubricant (or their trading name VH2 Ltd), but they confirmed it’s not currently authorized. As a new product, I expect this is an oversight on the part of So Divine that will be corrected soon, but I’d suggest double checking before purchase if this aspect of the product is important to you.


One important aspect of lubricants that’s easy to overlook is the ingredients. “Water-based” covers such a broad spectrum of recipes that you shouldn’t assume if one water-based lubricant was good for you, another will be too.

Two ingredients most commonly misplaced into the category of “avoid like the plague” are glycerine and parabens.

Glycerine is a sugar derivative and is feared to cause yeast infections. There’s no science to back those claims up, but irritation is common anyway because of the way it draws water out of anything it touches. Best avoided then.

Parabens are added to keep the solution sterile: they kill off bacteria, leading to a longer shelf life. Clearly, this is a good thing, though there is some debate around whether parabens are linked to breast cancer. They’re almost certainly not, but parabens can weakly mimic the estrogen hormone. As can Brussel sprouts. The science just isn’t there to show any danger.

Either way, you’ll be pleased to know the So Divine Prosecco Flavoured Lube contains neither of those.

Instead, so So Divine Prosecco Lubricant uses an alternative scary sounding chemical called Hydroxyethyl Cellulose. Which is also harmless. It’s a plant-based gelling and thickening agent, so it’s the main thing that makes this lube slippery. Also featured high in the ingredients is Sorbitol, a sugar alcohol, used as a sweetener and thickener.

Fragrances in general should be avoided in lubricants, given they’re designed for use on skin and not internally. Obviously, something that’s designed to taste and smell like Prosecco is going to have some sort of artificial fragrance in there (labelled as simply “aroma” in this case, with no further details), which you should be aware of. We experienced no adverse reactions, but you may.

The So Divine Prosecco Lubricant feels great, mostly does the job, smells great, and surprisingly doesn’t taste half bad either. But if the novelty of the flavour isn’t your thing, and you really couldn’t care less about the Vegan-friendly status, you’ll get better value and performance elsewhere.


– Tigerlily

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