Slave Girls Erotic Stories of Submission by DL King – Pleasure Panel Review

7 out of 10
DL King
Cleis Press

Slave Girls Erotic Stories of Submission by DL King

Pleasure Panel review by Dizzy Wizzy

Thank you to regular Cara Sutra reviewer Dizzy Wizzy (follow here on Twitter) for this review of Slave Girls Erotic Stories of Submission by DL King, published by the ever wonderful Cleis Press.

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– Cara Sutra

Slave Girls Erotic Stories of Submission by DL King Review

Slave Girls Erotic Stories of Submission by DL King is a erotic collection of 21 sexual submission stories and covers many different aspects of this rarely spoken about activity, in the vanilla world at least!

Slave Girls as a title conjures up thoughts of submissive women, willing and happy to do just about anything simply to please their dominant (male or female) however, something that comes across very strongly is the fact that the submissives have their very own sense of power and control, in so far as they are able to use safewords in the event that the activities become too much for them to bear.

Starting fairly tamely with a story entitled Noise by Evan Mora, the anthology progresses through various stories and situations where we find Carla in Out of Sight by Rachel Bussel Kramer, who, under the instruction of her dominant, engages in sexual activity with other men or Natalie, in Serving Mr Baldwin by Veronica Wilde, who accepts a job as an erotic secretary to Laura in a story by Donna George Storey, who has to “pass the final” with a man called the Professor. There are even some more surprising stories which cover subjects such as pony play (Bridle Party by Teresa Noelle Roberts), workplace domination (Green’s by Lisette Ashton), breath play (Breathe by Sommer Marsden) and even growing out the hair on your private parts in order to achieve more sexual pleasure (Postcards from Paris by Giselle Renarde).

I must admit that although for the most part, the collection is well written and creative, unfortunately some of the stories just made me feel rather uncomfortable and I tended to skim through these. I found the collection quite hard going at times, finding it difficult to get engrossed in the book in a similar fashion to other anthologies from Cleis Press. Covering all sorts of encounters from the typical male/female to female/female and group sex, it is certainly wide ranging. Some of the stories are clearly written from an American point of view however and it was sometimes difficult to suspend belief with the jarring English language used (I am British).

I believe that this simply shows that we are all unique and that different ideas and fantasies push our buttons. The collection however covers such a large range of subject matter, there are sure to be several stories that really get your blood pumping and imagination racing.

Being a submissive myself, I knew I would be able to appreciate the short stories and perhaps learn some more about my sexual self, however, instead of introducing me to new curiosities, it has only strengthened my own beliefs about my sexual preferences.

All in all, I am glad that I read Slave Girls Erotic Stories of Submission by DL King however, I doubt that I will go back to it. I can say though that the anthology is truly for those from all walks of life; from those simply curious about submission and all that comes with it to those already fully involved with and enjoying the “scene”.

– Dizzy Wizzy

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