Skins Extra Large Condoms – Pleasure Panel Review

7 out of 10

Skins Extra Large Condoms

Pleasure Panel Review by Barbahella

Skins Extra Large Condoms Review

Thanks to Barbahella for this guest review of the Skins Extra Large Condoms – and a huge thanks also to Skins Condoms for providing various condoms to CaraSutra reviewers so we can all benefit from real user feedback.

If you’d like to buy the Skins Extra Large condoms they’re reasonably priced at £7.49 for the 12 pack, £3.29 for the 4 pack.

– Cara Sutra

Skins Extra Large Condoms: a little room for improvement…

There are some good things to say for Skins Extra Large – they’re well lubed, smell decidedly “unrubbery”, and for the person being penetrated, feel fantastic. They’re also a breeze to tear open, which as we all know, is fairly important.

Sadly, these puppies have a bit of a problem: they’re not big enough. My partner is just under 10 inches in length and of generous girth (lucky old me), and they were too small for him. They were hard to roll down properly and bunched up like a cock-ring too far up the shaft. That said, once everything was in place, the condoms were comfortable round the head.

Skins packaging design looks a bit flat and amateurish, coloured in a standard sexy-time shade of purple. On the plus, all the info and main selling-points are easy to read. And let’s face it, when you’re getting down and dirty, do you really care what your condom box looks like? I hope not.

If it weren’t for the bad fit, I’d use Skins again because they get it right in other areas.

– Barbahella

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