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Skins Black Choc Condoms

Pleasure Panel review by Emmeline Peaches

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– Cara Sutra

Skins Condoms Black choc flavoured latex condoms reviewProduct Review: Skins Black Choc Condoms

I’m going to be frank from the get go with this review and say that I love performing fellatio on my partner. So, when Cara Sutra offered Skins condoms up for review, I jumped at the idea of trying Skins Black Choc Condoms. I’m also going to be completely honest and say that I didn’t like these condoms at all, but that’s not to say that they don’t have some positive qualities.

Skins Black Choc Condoms come in a standard box which outlines some of the benefits of the condoms. Namely that these condoms don’t have a latex smell, are black in colour, have a (supposedly) natural feel, and are extra lubricated for comfort.

Skins Condoms Black choc flavoured latex condoms review

When I took these condoms out of the packed and tried to tear one at the seam for use I found that the seam wouldn’t rip easily and, instead, I accidentally tore open two condoms at once. I’ve found this to be a reoccurring problem, so I stress caution when trying to rip one of these condoms at the seams for use. As a personal tip I found that if you fold the seam both ways then you minimize the risk of ripping open two condoms at once, but you still need to be incredibly careful.

Skins Black Choc Condoms do live up to many of their claims. The condom smells like a mixture of chocolate and vanilla and has a very sweet scent to it. They are definitely black condoms and the texture of these condoms (while not natural) is silky smooth to the touch. These condoms have a reasonable amount of lubricant but (lube hog that I am) I would still apply some additional water-based lube before using these condoms for penetration.

Skins Condoms Black choc flavoured latex condoms review

So, how did these condoms taste?

With a name like Black Choc Condoms I was hoping that these condoms would taste like dark chocolate (my favourite kind), so I was a little put off when they smelled much more like sweet dairy chocolate. Considering this fact, I was hoping the ‘black’ part of Black Choc Condoms didn’t refer just to the black colouration of the condom.

When I tasted one of these condoms I was happy to find that (while the initial flavour of these condoms is akin to dairy choc) they do have a bitter aftertaste that replicates the bitter smooth flavour of dark chocolate…I think.

It’s rather hard to tell because, while these condoms do have a dark chocolate taste, the flavouring on these condoms is so faint that I could hardly taste it throughout use. I don’t want the flavour on a condom to be overwhelming, but I do like a little bit of strength and longevity, which these condoms sadly lacked.

However, this could be a positive point depending on your needs.

If you prefer subtle flavours, and appreciate the flavour of dark chocolate, then Skins Black Choc Condoms provide a gentle aftertaste that will allow you to taste the flavour without allowing it to dominate your play session. It’s all about perspective and preference, after all.

On a positive note, I really liked these condoms when applied. Placed on my partner (and part-time guinea pig) these condoms provided a snug fit, in contrast to other brands, which enabled me to perform fellatio easily without having to worry about the condom riding up or forcing baggy latex into my mouth. This cosy fit also meant that these condoms were smoother and more comfortable during intercourse in terms of texture. But, sadly, that’s where the comfort ended for me.

In fact, I regret to say that I did not enjoy these condoms during intercourse at all.

With a Skins Black Choc Condom securely on my partner’s penis, when we got down to business I found that I was greeted almost immediately with a sharp stinging pain. I tried to persevere (stubborn as I am) but this pain was so intense that I had to call it quits pretty quickly and clean up.

Now I have incredibly sensitive skin, so I don’t believe that this experience would be the norm. However, if you also suffer from sensitive skin then my experience might help you avoid the same scenario.

After experiencing so much pain, I had to admit defeat when it came to using Skins Black Choc Condoms vaginally. From the brief time that we did persevere, here’s some feedback my partner and I came up with.

For me I found the smooth and snug fit of the condom to allow for easy and pretty much, effortless insertion and thrusting. I really valued this and I believe it could be a positive point for others. For him the condoms were a bit too thick and a bit too snug to provide the level of sensation that he’s used to (we usually use ultra-thin condoms) but he did feel like these condoms were a comfortable fit.

Overall I had a mostly negative experience with these condoms but I still can’t let this discredit the positive points that I could ascertain.

Skins Black Choc Condoms are a good product for people who prefer a discreet taste during oral sex. They provide a comfortable, secure fit for the average penis-owner and have a silky texture that eases penetration. However, if you prefer strong tastes during oral sex or (like me) have very sensitive skin then I would give Skins Black Choc Condoms a miss. Nice as these condoms are, they just aren’t worth the pain for me.

Recommend to:

People who like unobtrusive flavours during oral.

People who want a secure fit.

People who appreciate silky smooth condoms.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like strong flavours during oral.

People who dislike sweet smells.

People with incredibly sensitive skin.


Emmeline Peaches

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