Silver Desire edited by Zak Jane Keir – Pleasure Panel Erotic Book Review

9 out of 10

Silver Desire edited by Zak Jane Keir – Erotic Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania

I have been sent Silver Desire edited by Zak Jane Keir free of charge in exchange for an honest and frank review.

silver desire edited by zak jane keir erotic book reviewI was sent Silver Desire edited by Zak Jane Keir in electronic format which downloaded on to Apple Books with no problems. It is made up of 10 short stories based on sexual adventures of ladies over a certain age. I thought it might be interesting to read points of views of others of how sex is interpreted as we get older. Overall I would recommend this book for anyone who is interested in sexual stories based more on real life as we get older. I would score this 9 out of 10.

Age Appropriate by Elizabeth Coldwell

Molly has decided to visit Milan on holiday after being widowed, while in Milan, she attracts the attention of a young man called Garrett.  The story covers the meeting and evening date and how this ends.  Molly originally feels guilty for having a feeling for Garrett, as if she is being disrespectful to her dead husband Alan.

Lotus Pose by Jillian Boyd

Vanessa has decided to take up yoga to help out after getting divorced; she writes a diary about how she likes the Yoga teacher, Gabe.  It shows the chemistry that builds up over a period of time and how this is resolved with Gabe and Vanessa getting together.

The Checkout Line by Spencer Dryden

A story about Rich, a handyman at a complex for elderly people, who attends a funeral of one of his clients and meets Merriam, who is also a resident at the complex.  It shows how Rich helps out Merriam not just in a handyman sense but in a sexual sense.  Well written and can easily be related to, especially showing that age makes no difference to women’s needs as they get older.

Dorothy and the Scarecrow by Pepper Valentine

This story was based around a woman in her fifties, newly divorced and out for the night with her much younger friend, having to endure the comments asking if she is her friend’s mother.  Once she realises her friend has left her alone in the nightclub, Dorothy decides to let her hair down, ensnaring the interest of a 20 something young man.  It follows the evening and how it ends for Dorothy and her scarecrow.

Gloss by Charlie Powell

Based around Sophie whose daughter thinks mum needs to go out more.  Sophie was on a blind date and this story covers the evening with Mark and how it progresses.  It is nice to read a story that shows women as a sexual person rather than just a parent.

Daao Sawang (Shining Starts) by Madeline Moore

The story starts off in 1969 setting the scene for the current day.  Rosemary had previously had an experience with Carl but for other reasons they did not pursue their feelings.  However they meet up again in the current day and this carried on to explain how their relationship was currently.  Well written and easy to follow.

In Beta by F. Leonora Solomon

A story based around a phone app that links people together for sex.  It reminded me of the phone apps that are available for single people and also married people looking for some fun.  The story is well written, however the part where the app showed if James was nearby was a bit confusing.

Soturi by Jordan Monroe

Based around a couple called Christine and Andrew and their weekend away from everything.  This book covers their rekindled passion after Christine’s health issues.  Very descriptive and also down to earth with the issues it covers which a lot of women will relate to as we get older.

Stella by Hannah Lockhardt

This story was about a couple, Treza and Brian,  and their neighbour (Stella) who liked to throw parties.  There were lots of rumours going around the neighbourhood about Stella.  Stella held a barbecue and the couple attended with other neighbours and Brian found out just how wild Stella could be.  A well written story, very easy to follow.

The Boys in the Band by Zak Jane Keir

I enjoyed this story for the most part, just found some of the story a bit confusing, jumping around with times.  I personally don’t like reading stories that jump about.  The main story is of a woman who previously had feelings for a band member in the 80’s and then it came back to the present.

– Shady Shania

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania for this review of the erotic anthology Silver Desire edited by Zak Jane Keir (£6.99 paperback from Amazon)

This e-book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the editor. Thank you! 🙂

Silver Desire edited by Zak Jane Keir erotic book review

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