Sh! Womenstore Liquid Water-Based Lube Review

5 out of 10

Sh! Womenstore Liquid Water-Based Lube Review

By Jessica’s Rabbit

Cara Sutra was kind enough to let me test out the Sh! Womenstore Liquid Water-Based Lube (opaque lube; 25ml bottle) for her sex blog. The first thing I encountered with this little bottle is the ease I had in getting the lube out – although it is a thick liquid, it runs smoothly out of the bottle and into your hand (or other body part..)

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This bottle is obviously a tester and the larger ones do have a pump which would make it even easier to get lubed up and can be used one-handed! It intrigued me being an opaque liquid as I hadn’t really seen one before, but it seems that it isn’t much different than clear lubricants. It states that it is creamier and moisturising – which I would agree with, but not so much that you it makes a big difference, my other brands of lube feel very much the same, so I wouldn’t use that as a selling point.

Sh! Womenstore Liquid Water-Based Lube Review

The first test – the smell. I was a little disappointed at this actually, it smelt like that weird green putty you had as a kid in the tub? The only way to describe it would be plastic-y? Although I am pleased to say that once you rub it around, it dissipates quickly and soon smells of nothing. The smell wasn’t overpowering and could only be smelt up close to the liquid, but seeing as most people may be getting close to the liquid in .. certain circumstances .. that’s an issue in my books.  Not a massive issue granted, it wouldn’t put me off buying the Sh! Womenstore Liquid Water-Based Lube in the future or using it again, but enough to be noted.

Sh! Womenstore Liquid Water-Based Lube Review

On to the feel – extremely velvety is the answer to that! It moves effortlessly over the skin and doesn’t turn sticky or dry, at the same time doesn’t stay wet very long either. That may just be on me, but I found my skin absorbed it far too quickly than other lubes do, which for me is a downside as when I’m using lubrication I like it to be as wet and oily for as long as I need it to be! Sh Store Lube Liquid was true to its word, and it was very moisturising on my skin though!

The taste – just terrible. I know you’re not supposed to eat lube, but at some stage it’s going to (hopefully) get in your mouth in one way or another and you want it to be bearable but unfortunately this little bottle of Sh! Womenstore Liquid Water-Based Lube tasted how it smelt – plastic-y. Once it had dried on the skin then licked, it was fine but when first applied to the area and it was still wet, it left a sharp taste on my tongue which is not what anyone wants.

Overall, I did enjoy this Sh! Womenstore Liquid Water-Based Lube, it’s great that it can be used with latex condoms to help protect ourselves whilst performing safe sex – but I don’t see it to be any more special than the ones I already have. I’m sorry to say, it let me down greatly and didn’t live up to my expectations! I did enjoy the sample size though, it would be fantastic for travelling or popping in your handbag for unexpected encounters! I will definitely use Sh Store Lube Liquid again, but I don’t think it will be my first port of call!

– Jessica’s Rabbit

Thanks to our reviewer Jessica’s Rabbit for this review of the Sh! Womenstore Liquid Water-Based Lube.

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