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9 out of 10

Sh Silicone Love Balls

Pleasure Panel review by Ginger Rodgers

Ok, so I’m new to reviewing and also new to the product I am reviewing – be gentle, I’m breaking 2 (definitely metaphorical) cherries today! I received the parcel containing the Sh Silicone Love Balls from the wonderful Cara Sutra, in order to achieve 2 things, help a sister out with an Herculean workload, and have a go at something that’s been intriguing me for some time; Kegel balls!

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Let me lay some facts on you before we wax lyrical on the pros and cons of the product:

Price: Β£18.99

Brand: Sh!


Material: Silicone

Phthalate alert: None

Actual length/playable length: 5″/2.5″

Weight 70g

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Now, as I said before, total n00b, but by no means a prude, I just genuinely had not got around to trying Kegel balls and, as gravity has started to play its sky tricks on me here and there, decided that pilates could only do so much and hadn’t I better start some inner maintenance? No time like the present…

So I checked out the Sh Silicone Love Balls packaging, which I liked. It is sleek and functional, and a matte black which is a refreshing change from the relentless pink. Of which there is a tasteful and inoffensive touch in the logo and product name. The windowed box allows the product to be viewed fully in its glory, my set were a lovely purple shade. The packaging posed absolutely no issues, easy to open, unfussy and elegant. BUT. On the reverse of the box was a glaring typo. It began well with an accurate statement of the functionality of the balls and then there it was. ‘Perfect for subtle arousal and easier Kegal exercise. KEGAL.

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But I am an irredeemable pedant. And to be honest, it was the only con I found. Upon opening the product, I found a (made entirely of silicone) set of balls, attached by a small length, with a loop on one end. The product looked sturdy and fit for purpose, the materials felt nice, and as I found out after doing some research, were at the weightier end of the spectrum at 70g weight, though I saw some at 100+ grams!. I found that they generally start at 30g andΒ  there isn’t much size variance, mine were 1″.

So, using a judicious application of (recommended) water-based lubricant, I decided to spend an hour getting to know my little friends.

I honestly almost forgot the Sh Silicone Love Balls were there at times, they were comfortable, painless and occasionally quite stimulating. I also discovered that if you decide to combine them with other sex toys, they can add quite a wonderful dimension to your lascivious liaisons, either in company, or solo!

– Ginger Rodgers

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Ginger Rodgers for this guest review of the Sh Silicone Love Balls (Β£18)

This sex toy was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Sh Women’s Erotic Emporium.


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  1. Really well written review which actually made me laugh out loud! Think I know what I’ll be asking for this Christmas πŸ˜‰

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