Sex on the Ceiling with the Luvsense London LUVVU Mirror – Review

10 out of 10

Luvsense London LUVVU Mirror Review

By Cara Sutra

Very excited to present my review of the Luvsense London LUVVU Mirror – otherwise known as The Sex Mirror.

Luvsense London LUVVU Mirror Review The Sex Mirror Review by Cara Sutra

You’ve got a what on the ceiling?

Once viewed as the height of depraved naughtiness, while raising a giggle even now in the 21st century, the mirror on the ceiling conjures up all kinds of sexual scenes in the imagination. An especially adventurous couple, a strangers’ encounter in a sex hotel, a special room at a swingers club, a sex worker catering to the more voyeuristic client. Mirror on the ceiling. Say it to most adults and you’ll get a response anywhere from a knowing smile and a twinkle in the eye to a full on guffaw at the thought of such sauciness.

A mirror in a boudoir, by comparison, is viewed as much softer, more sensual and seductive. A looking glass for the femme fatale to prepare for her adventures, a place to reflect the beauty of a woman getting dressed or undressed as the case may be. A mirror still, but with much more erotic connotations in pop culture.

The reality of life for most people, as it usually is, lies somewhere in the middle. I don’t know anyone with a mirrored ceiling; I don’t know any women with a moodily lit, fully equipped with burlesque outfits, boudoir. I know lots of people with a bedroom which might have a box of sex toys, perhaps some mood and sensual items like candles and low lighting, a selection of sexy underwear for when they’re feeling particularly seductive and maybe, for the most daring, a mirror on a wardrobe or door facing the bed. Easily used during sex with a partner without having to commit to being one of those giggle-inducing people who have that ‘mirror on the ceiling’.

Like most things pertaining to sex and relationships, understanding, tolerance and progressive thought is happily on the rise. If people out there want to fulfil voyeuristic and exhibitionist fantasies, even within the privacy of their own bedrooms, why shouldn’t they? Why should it have any lingering stigma?

The LUVVU Mirror

This is where Luvsense London enter the story.

Luvsense London LUVVU Mirror Review The Sex Mirror Review by Cara Sutra

Cara Sutra LUVVU Mirror photo-1

The LUVVU mirror is a sex mirror. There’s no getting away from it, and I don’t want to get away from that fact, personally. I like it. Rid yourself of any thoughts of B&Q mirrored tiles slapped up on the ceiling. The LUVVU mirror is glamorous, sensual and erotic – and it’s ready to put the boudoir into your bedroom.

Ready to hear my experiences?


The LUVVU mirror comes in a beautiful branded box and it’s very securely packaged. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into how this mirror will be packaged, not just with safety of the contents in mind but also the first impressions of the lucky new owner.

The fixings are held in separate areas towards the bottom of the inside of the box as seen on the photographs and they’re easy to locate. The mirror is held between firm packaging material which is black instead of the typical (and cheaper looking) white.

Taking the mirror out of the box you can tell instantly that this is a product of superior quality. It just looks glamorous. One side is the usual mirrored style while the other has a red tint for ultimate seductive appeal. As red is my favourite colour I was instantly drawn to that side.


The mirror was especially easy to install for me – as my partner was the one getting it fixed to the ceiling. 😉 In all seriousness, he commented on the incredibly clear and detailed instructions in the LUVVU mirror guide, which has diagrams and measurements and even a handy ‘what you’ll need before you begin’ list of tools and such (nothing you wouldn’t have in a regular toolbox in my opinion).

Using the mirror

Having the LUVVU mirror on the ceiling doesn’t feel filthy, taboo or shameful in any way. The circular shape, the glamorous dual tone aspect and the chrome coloured spherical fixtures, along with the adjustable angle away from the ceiling give the mirror a more sensual look and feel than simply supergluing those flimsy B&Q mirror tiles to your artexed ceiling. Once the mirror was in place on our ceiling, it transformed the feel of our bedroom from just some place where we chatted, slept and (surprise, surprise) even had sex now and then to feeling indulgently decadent and sexually welcoming. Not in a crude or vulgar way; in an adventurous and exploratory way. I’m aware I’m probably more sexually open than a few other folk out there (or not, I’m just going on the few people in the world I happen to meet and chat to), but I still feel that this mirror wouldn’t be at all disconcerting for even the most timid or vanilla sex and sensuality fan.

I could wax lyrical about the LUVVU mirror for days… weeks even, but I am sure you don’t want to read tens of thousands of words about how beautiful, sensual, progressive, sex-positive, well-made and ingenious it is. Do you? Well tough, as I do want to get back to actually enjoying my (well alright then, our) LUVVU mirror sometime soon.

mia more and cara sutra luvvu mirror photo sexpo uk 2015

Luvsense London LUVVU Mirror Review The Sex Mirror Review by Cara Sutra

On a more practical than poetic note, the LUVVU mirror can be angled as you wish by adjusting the length of any of the three ‘legs’ on the tripod attaching it to the ceiling. The mirror is also incredibly lightweight – surprisingly so, in fact. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s as heavy as a full metal or gilt mirror. The LUVVU mirror is made with acrylic, which is not only lighter than the standard aluminium glass mirrors but also more expensive for Luvsense London to manufacture with. This means that acrylic has been used simply to provide the user with an easier and more comfortable (and safer) experience, not in any way to cut costs from the production point of view. This is one example of the amount of attention to detail Luvsense have put into their flagship product – their ‘baby’ as they endearingly call it.

Whether using the LUVVU mirror during intensely regular masturbation (hey, I happen to have a lot of work to do from bed, ok?!) or during couples sex (and even a few waxplay sessions, spanking, bondage) it adds a new… angle. Excuse the pun, but it really does. There are ways to see your partner’s facial expression during sex acts that you would have missed out on before. You can enjoy not only viewing their body as you pleasure them, or as they pleasure you, but also a slightly narcissistic and guilty pleasure enjoying watching your own body writhe and contort with sexual pleasure as you play out your very own porn or fetish scene.

I really do ‘luv’ my LUVVU mirror and I am very grateful to Luvsense London for providing one for me to not only test and review here, but also to enjoy for many more years to come.

Want your own? Buy the Luvsense London LUVVU mirror for £285.





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