Sex in the Air by Roger Frank Selby Book Review

8 out of 10
Xcite Books

Sex in the Air by Roger Frank Selby Book Review

By Cara Sutra

This exciting full length novel, Sex in the Air by Roger Frank Selby, is published by Xcite Books, either in paperback or as an e-book which you can download instantly.

Sex in the Air by Roger Frank Selby Book Review Cara SutraThe 2 main characters in Sex in the Air are a handsome pilot and his equally attractive flying instructor. He gains his pilots wings in the most unusual way at the start of story which is laced with raunchy erotic episodes. In flight entertainment takes on a new meaning!

The author, Roger Frank Selby, also introduces us to both of the main characters partners which also gives a good excuse for more high flying antics, described in colourful hedonistic detail.

The main plot in Sex in the Air however involves bang up to date terrorism and espionage with twists and turns at regular intervals.

The author has cleverly made his work appeal to all readers by fleshing out the details of all involved so you feel that you know them all personally.

Sex in the Air is fast paced and exciting all the way and manages to entice and excite with saucy tales of unbridled lust and passion with good measures of kinky sex and lesbian lust thrown in as well. It is true to say that the women use the men just as much as the men use them for their raunchy, sometimes kinky sexual needs.

I could hardly bear to put Sex in the Air down and was left breathless and excited as our heroes raced, or rather flew, through Europe and North Africa on their travels.

Neither the raunchy shenanigans nor the main plot are far fetched, making this well scripted novel eminently believable.

I would recommend Sex in the Air wholeheartedly as a holiday read or even to brighten up lunchtimes at work.

Buy Sex in the Air by Roger Frank Selby for £9.99 paperback or £2.28 Kindle e-book. Bargain!

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  1. Thanks for posting this Cara, a great, very encouraging review! This is my 19th story with Xcite, but the first of novel length.
    Also watch out for my Xcite ebook ICE COMMANDER – a single-author collection of 5 linked science fiction short stories – effectively an erotic novella. All info on my website.
    Finally, I hope to get THE LAST SHUTTLE published later this year – a topical SF novel with the last flight of the shuttle coming up in a few months time.

    • Thank you Roger 🙂 Replying now as I am sorting through my old reviews to ensure the links are correct and fresh! If you have any erotica you need reviewing, I always have people eager and willing to give guest reviews which I can post up here.

      I hope you’re doing well. It’s been too long, I know!

      -Cara Sutra

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