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7 out of 10

Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Mel MacFarlane

Always one to champion the sex positive, I have been a follower of the Kinkly website since I launched Voluptasse several years ago. For those who haven’t heard of them, Kinkly are one of the ‘go to’ websites for anything you need to know about sex. They also have the much coveted Sex Top Bloggers list, in which they showcase some of the world’s best loved sex bloggers and writers (yes I am on it, I have checked).

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When the Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book came up on the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel listing, I immediately made a beeline for it. It has been such a long time since I reviewed a book and I was interested in the content that Kinkly would offer. For me, sex tip features in magazines and books often fall flat because they don’t offer realistic solutions, but I really hoped that this book would deliver something much different.

The Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book was given to me for free by Cara Sutra in return for an honest and unbiased review for the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel.

First Impression of the Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book

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The Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book promises over 100 tips to set your sex life on fire and from the blurb on the back of the book, seems to cover every single scenario. With hacks for self-pleasure, sex talk, sexual health, sexual self-confidence, foreplay, kinky sex and more, it appears to be an interesting read.

The book is set out very well and easy to follow. As some of the tips weren’t relevant to me, I didn’t need to read them all. However, because of the easy layout I could find the relevant page that I needed very easily. The book also starts out by noting that the writers have reached out to some of the industry’s leading experts to get the advice needed, so you’re in good hands.

Review of the Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book

The book starts with masturbation and recommends going back to basics to discover your body. I thought was a sensible start and I enjoyed the progression from this, to using masturbation to boost technique in the bedroom. I don’t want to spoil the book or ruin the surprise but I found the tips in the section to be realistic, clear and easy to follow.

I found the Foreplay chapter a little too basic and quite generic in terms of tips and ideas. Perhaps this is one of the perils of writing about sex for a living, but I’d have loved to have been enlightened with something a little different and more adventurous. However, I did enjoy the discussion about our sex lives becoming so repetitive that we do need to mix things up a little, as this is something that will strike a chord with so many couples.

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Oral Sex was my favourite tip chapter in the whole book. I learnt a lot of new tricks from this section and they actually do work in practice! The Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book talks about the psychology behind the sex, as well as the act itself so you understand why you are putting this hack into practice. From someone who loves to give oral sex, it was nice to learn something new, and even better to try it out.

The sex toy hacks were interesting to say the least. I’m not sure that hanging your sex toys in a shoe storer inside your wardrobe is the best idea I’ve ever heard, but I love the tip about combining Ben Wa balls with clitoral stimulation to ramp up an orgasm, which is exactly how I use them too.

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The recession rabbit is a brilliant idea and it is a hack that really does work. There were some great tips to help beginners who are shopping for their first sex toy, and because the advice came from genuine bloggers, I felt that these tips were far more authentic than those written by an inexperienced journalist trying to fill a column,

For those experimenting with BDSM, there is a whole chapter dedicated to adding an element of kink to your sex life. The book also covers ways in which you can incorporate household objects into tools of kinky pleasure. I loved the advice about writing down the things that you want to do in the bedroom and thought that this was a great way to open up communication, particularly for those who are a little shy.

Overall, I thought that the Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book is a really fun and informative guide to having better sex. I found it easy to read, easy to follow and the hacks were genuine tips that do work. What I would have liked, is something a little wilder and raunchier in the book. But for a couple seeking something easy to follow at home, there are some great solutions here.

Where Can I buy the Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book

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You can buy the Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book for £9.99 (paperback version).

– Mel MacFarlane

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Mel MacFarlane of Voluptasse for this contributed review of the Sex Hacks by Kinkly Book (9.99). 🙂

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