Sex Butter from Crowned Jewels Review by Cara Sutra

6 out of 10

Sex Butter from Crowned Jewels Review

By Cara Sutra

Ever wanted a body-safe version of a Mint Aero which you could smear all over your genitalia during sex? You’re in luck. This Sex Butter from Crowned Jewels smells exactly like a Mint Aero and the good news is the formulation is safe to use for massage, foreplay and even penetrative sex.

I’ve been curious about this ‘butter’ ever since I saw it sold at Crowned Jewels last year when I reviewed their beautiful titanium sex toys. I now have my very own pot of Sex Butter to enjoy, free of charge in exchange for this fair and honest review, courtesy of Crowned Jewels. Thank you!

What’s Great About It

I absolutely adore the scent of Sex Butter – as mentioned at the start of this review it smells like Mint Aero. If you don’t know what a Mint Aero is, 1) you need to get your mouth round one now and 2) it’s a milk chocolate covered bar of minty tasting bubbles. Yummy. Obviously if you’re not into minty scents for your sex lubes or massage oils then you probably won’t adore it in the same way.

Sex Butter is organic – so if you prioritise organic formulations in everything from your coffee through to make-up and sex lube, this is a great choice. It’s also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and maintains a healthy pH balance in its all-natural ingredients.

As Sex Butter is a solid in a small pot, it’s impossible to spill any. You’d have to pick up a piece and then drop that piece yourself, it’s not a liquid and so doesn’t drip or spill anywhere. The small pot has a twist off cap, and inside there’s a plastic disc over the Sex Butter, which reminded me of my Body Shop creams and other pots of moisturiser. Being solid state, I’d feel comfortable travelling with Sex Butter either in my handbag or beauty case, carry-on luggage or hold luggage for anything from short weekends away to longer holidays abroad.

The tub of Sex Butter is nicely presented with an elegant and classy design to the lid and clearly stated ingredients and details on the bottom of the pot.

What To Be Aware Of

Sex Butter isn’t compatible with condoms (and therefore presumably latex dental dams) so perhaps switch to another massage liquid/sex lubricant if you use a barrier form of contraception during sex.


It’s not the cheapest! Sex Butter costs £45 per pot. I’m a little surprised that a product which seems to pride itself on giving detailed information about ingredients and usage doesn’t state anywhere (as far as I could see) how many grams of Sex Butter are actually in the pot. The website states this pot can give 20-40 uses – but of course this depends on what you’re using it for (maybe I’ll cross the full head to toe slathering session off the list) and how much you need to feel suitably massaged/slippery.

Sex Butter is made with oils such as Shea, Cocoa, Coconut, Jojoba, Grape Seed, Peppermint and a ‘secret blend of proprietary oils’. Anything ‘secret’ in a formulation for such intimate use doesn’t feel like a brilliant idea to be honest, but Sex Butter does go on to reassure that there are no hormones, GMO or parabens used in the ingredients. We’re told that only high quality, pure and edible ingredients are used – which means you can tickle your taste buds as well as other parts of your body.

When using Sex Butter I took a small amount out of the pot on to my fingertips, where I rubbed my fingers together and let my body heat melt it enough for easier and comfortable application where I wanted. Because the tub has a screw-off cap you need to make sure you’ve already done this, and set the tub on a flat surface, before you start your solo or shared sex session. It’s not great for spontaneous moments; it’s more of a planned thing. It’s also not too easy to actually dispense any of the formulation, I need to press quite hard into the pot to get some out.

During Use: Masturbation & Sex

Using Sex Butter for masturbation is my preferred way to use it. The consistency is so thick, and it needs to melt into a liquid between your fingers before application, meaning solo use is much easier than trying to juggle another person’s wants and needs at the same time. We’ve tried to use Sex Butter during foreplay and then sex but it’s not slippery enough – that’s really the crux of the problem I have using Sex Butter for sex.

When I use water based or silicone lube for sexual activity like foreplay and penetrative sex, I can rely on those lubes to be incredibly slippery and to last a good while before dissipating (in the case of water based lubricant). Sex Butter means that my skin feels intensely conditioned and moisturised but not lubricated. My skin still has drag, there’s no slip ‘n slide. It’s really like I’ve just rubbed in some incredibly rich moisturising cream – an oil-based type – and although my skin then feels conditioned and smells amazing, it’s not slippery enough for me to be comfortable using it as a sex lube.

Sex Butter does smell amazing which did add to the overall erotic atmosphere but when my partner and I were enjoying sex times together we had to grab an alternative lubricant when we wanted to get slippy with it.


Sex Butter is undoubtedly a top quality product. The 100% organic ingredients which are clearly documented have excellent skin care and maintenance properties. Sex Butter also smells divine, with mint chocolate notes which whet the appetite in every way. Although I enjoy using Sex Butter for masturbation it’s just not slippery enough for me to rely on it in a sexual situation with a partner, or to use to ease insertion of sex toys either vaginally and particularly anally.

Sex Butter does give my clit and surrounding area a lovely hot/cold tingle, as if I’ve applied an excellent quality menthol-laced substance to it. It’s not as sharp a chill as anything menthol; it’s more of an arousing tingle which I know is there but doesn’t detract from my solo play time. This low tingle does help me to orgasm quicker and stronger than if I haven’t used Sex Butter at all.

Sadly, I have to mark it down slightly as although I love using it for masturbation, it just didn’t live up to its name as far as actual sex with another person is concerned. When I apply a formulation/substance to myself and/or my partner in order to heighten sensation or gain glide during sex, we wouldn’t reach for the Sex Butter. Not only is it not as slippery as an actual sex lube, you have to remember to have already unscrewed the lid and then you need to warm the small amount you dig out from the tub between your fingers to melt it into the oily liquid.

Sex Butter from Crowned Jewels Review by Cara Sutra-8

Sex Butter can be used to give standard or erotic massage too, but for the amount I need to use on my partner’s body for a massage it would soon become very costly to continue using it in this way. I’m more likely to grab a cheaper bottle of massage lotion – but you may decide that Sex Butter is the massage substance of your dreams, of course. I do feel that this is overpriced for what it is – I could just buy some coconut oil and/or some cocoa butter.

In my opinion it would be best suited to a person using it for solo sex fun only rather than using it to lubricate sensations with a partner. In particular, I love the sensations it gives to my clitoris, which I believe help to give me quicker and more powerful orgasms during masturbation.

Buy Yours

Want to give Sex Butter a try? You can buy your tub here at the Crowned Jewels website for £45. The packaging, as ever from Crowned Jewels, was very safe and discreet as well as attractively presented.



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