Seven Til Midnight Lotus Pattern Bodystocking Lingerie – Guest Review

10 out of 10

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The life of a sex toy reviewer is nowhere near as glamorous and exciting as you think. Quite often my friends will find me sat at home with my hair unbrushed and my comfortable pyjamas on whilst I write up my latest review.  Therefore, it was somewhat refreshing to be given something to review which actually required me to make myself look normal and pretty, if only for a few minutes!

The Seven Til Midnight Lotus Pattern Body Stocking (Code 20423) was given to me by Cara Sutra. As I am one of Cara’s Pleasure Panel reviewers, these products are sent free of charge in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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The body stocking was provided by KevCo Wholesale, an award winning lingerie distributor who supply some of the biggest retailers in the industry. For ease of reference, you can buy the Seven Til Midnight Lotus Pattern Body stocking from BodyStockingAvenue for just £19.95.

First Impression

The body stocking arrived discreetly packaged in a pretty cardboard box which contained the image of the stocking on the front. There is also a hologram sticker on the top right hand side of the box which highlights the authenticity of the garment. If this sticker is missing, speak to your retailer and ask why, particularly if you have paid for a high quality garment.

The body stocking is ONE SIZE so it has been created to fit a wide range of women. Using my retailing experience, I would recommend a ONE SIZE item like this body stocking to a size 16 and under. For those women above a size 16, I would to look at the Baby Got Curves range from Seven Til Midnight which is suitable for curvier women and would offer a more flattering fit.

The Review

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The longest part of the review was the preparation. I spent a long time putting on some make up and making myself look like a human being for the photographs. I also wanted to send some private pictures to my lover so it was important to look nice.

Once ready, the Seven Til Midnight Lotus Pattern Body Stocking was so easy to put on. The thick fabric is like a giant pair of opaque tights and clings to every curve of my body. You’ll notice that I am wearing my underwear in these photographs because the fabric is very sheer and the body stocking is crotchless.  There is also a lovely cut out at the bottom of the body stocking which revealed a naughty peek at my derriere for my lover’s enjoyment.

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The bold fishnets are very pretty and really complimented my long legs. For someone like me who has a 35 inch inside leg, I usually struggle to find stockings and tights that don’t distort in shape when I’m wearing them. Rather than being overstretched, this body stocking could have easily carried on going! I’m really impressed with it.


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I absolutely loved the Seven Til Midnight Lotus Pattern Body Stocking. I found it easy to wear, incredibly comfortable and very stretchy. It leaves nothing to the imagination, so it’s not for the faint hearted but I found it to be very flattering for me. I have very small boobs and seldom wear lingerie because I feel that losing my bra means that I lose my curves, but as you can see I could leave my bra on and the body stocking still looks good. Also, because I felt so confident whilst wearing it, I carried myself differently and experienced a sense of adventure that I haven’t enjoyed for years.

After use, the body stocking becomes lovely and small which enables me to fold it neatly away until next time. The high quality fabric ensures that this is an outfit that can be worn time and time again – and it will be…

– Mel MacFarlane, Voluptasse

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Mel MacFarlane for this guest review of the Seven til Midnight Lotus Pattern Bodystocking. You can discover and purchase more Seven til Midnight lingerie here at Lovehoney.

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  2. Wow, this is gorgeous I may have to buy one. you also look amazing in it. I love that you carried yourself differently whilst wearing it.

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