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7 out of 10

Seven til Midnight Bodystocking (20424) Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Mel MacFarlane of Voluptasse

Everyone knows that I love lingerie, in particular, bodystockings. The reason that I love them so much is that they are ultra-flattering, especially for someone like me who has smaller breasts and a larger bottom. Because of my pear shape figure, ‘one size lingerie’ usually fits easily on my bottom half, and gapes horribly at the top, which isn’t very flattering at all.

However, with a bodystocking, there are no such problems. For those who haven’t tried them before, a bodystocking resembles a large pair of tights that covers most of the body. Just like a pair of tights, the soft material stretches to hug the skin, which means that this outfit is ideal for those who aren’t necessarily a conventional body shape.

The Pleasure Panel Review

The Seven Til Midnight Bodystocking (20424) was sent to me from Cara Sutra as part of the Pleasure Panel Reviews. The stocking was free, in return for an honest and unbiased review of the product. You can view the Seven til Midnight Bodystocking (20424) here at the SeventilMidnight website, and buy SeventilMidnight at Lovehoney for very reasonable prices and discreet delivery.

The Bodystocking Review

With Seven Til Midnight being an award winning lingerie brand, I had really high hopes for this product, and at the first glance, I wasn’t disappointed.  The material is really high quality and feels stretchy and soft to the touch. When putting on the bodystocking, I always find it easier to start with the legs and roll right to the end, like you would with a pair of tights. This stops your nails catching the material and causing any snags.

Once on, the Seven til Midnight Bodystocking (20424) looked and felt lovely. The only criticism I had with the stocking isn’t actually with the product itself, it’s more of a height issue. My height is 5’9 and as a tall girl, I do have an issue with bodystockings as they rarely fit women who are taller than average. This bodystocking fits around my body, but it did feel a little tight and the pattern was slightly distorted because the stocking had to stretch to accommodate my height. On someone a just a couple of inches shorter, it would have been absolutely perfect.

How to take care of your bodystocking

Once you have worn and enjoyed this open crotch bodystocking, it must be washed by hand in cold water and put on the line to dry. Do not put this stocking in the washing machine or you will damage the material. The Seven til Midnight Bodystocking (20424) is really great quality, and with the right care, it will last a long time.

My final thoughts on the Seven Til Midnight Bodystocking (20424)

I really like this bodystocking. The material is light, stretchy and of great quality so it’s made to last. The floral pattern is really pretty and I loved the way it looked before my height distorted the pattern. After use, it’s simple the wash, dry and keep clean. My only real issue was the length of the garment, just a couple more inches and it would have been perfect (like most things in the bedroom really…).

Overall, the Seven til Midnight Bodystocking (20424) is a lovely product.

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– Mel MacFarlane

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Mel MacFarlane of Voluptasse for this review of the Seven til Midnight Bodystocking (20424).

This lingerie item was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel.

seven til midnight bodystocking review

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