Segzi Super Bumped Stroker Review

9 out of 10

Segzi Super Bumped Stroker Review

Segzi are fast becoming a very prominent sex toys shopping website, reaching out to sex toys reviewers, sponsoring industry events such as those run by Smut UK and coming to the business with a very friendly, approachable yet still very professional attitude. I recently reviewed some sexy lingerie for Segzi and was delighted when I was approached to review their newest and very exciting product, the Segzi Super Bumped Stroker. This male masturbator, with a nod towards the best selling Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, features the vaginal entrance and labia modelled from Karla Karter.

I must admit I hadn’t heard of Karla Karter before but a quick Google told me all I needed to know. Popular porn star, this predictably proportioned porn star is definitely the right kind of eye candy to lure the boys towards this masturbation sex toy.


The Segzi Super Bumped (or Bumper) Stroker is priced at £39.99. This is an amazing price and fantastic value considering that the equivalent product from Fleshlight costs upwards of £50 at most sex toy shops.

Presentation of the package is to be expected; the girl flaunts her assets and seduces you with bedroom eyes and barely-there-wear. There’s info about the stroker on the back of the box, as well as tips for pre-use, during use and cleaning the masturbator after use. There’s a large window which makes up one side of the box so you can see the masturbator inside.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find definitive details about the material anywhere on the box or site, but the ‘real feel’ label usually refers to a TPR or TPE material. Latex and phthalates content is unknown. There’s the usual ‘real feel’ sex toy smell from the sleeve when you open the cap, reminiscent of petroleum or suchlike. It doesn’t really bother either of us but best to note it. TPR and TPE materials are porous, so the stroker needs cleaning very well indeed. If you’re not into your porous sex toys at all, this may be one to avoid. Use anti bacterial sex toy cleaner spray after rinsing the stroker through thoroughly and drying it. Do this every single time.

Opening the box and taking the masturbator out, you can immediately see the resemblance to a Fleshlight masturbator. It’s in a torch like case or canister, with a screw top cap and the other end also unscrews to allow you to choose your preferred level of suction. Opening the screw top cap you reveal the soft, skin like material presenting a replica of Karla Karter’s vaginal lips and entrance, leading to a tight inner canal covered with closely spaced, raised rounded nodules for intense stimulation.

After my lovely man had got over his usual surprise that I’d received a sex toy for HIM to test for a change, he was quite intrigued as to how this masturbator would compare to the top brand favourites like Fleshlight and TENGA. We both agreed it looked very much like a Fleshlight apart from that the screw cap has a faint Segzi logo on instead of Fleshlight. The opening is based on a woman’s vaginal entrance unlike the abstract designs of TENGA and the male entrances of the Titus Jack M8 range (Jack M8 Mouth review coming soon), but that wasn’t a problem for either of us.

I was actually quite excited about the prospect of watching him penetrate and enjoy a replica vaginal entrance, knowing the only real one he gets to enjoy is my own! It would be fascinating listening to the comparisons.

The Segzi Super Bumped Stroker is easy to use, and it’s advisable to rinse it through before first use to remove any remaining chemicals from manufacture or settled dust from storage and transit. The sleeve is easy to remove from the outer, tough plastic case, to rinse through, clean towel dry and leave to dry thoroughly, then re-insert in the case. As with Fleshlight and other ‘real feel’ masturbation materials, a light dusting of cornflour once the stroker is completely dry can help revive that ‘as new’ silky feeling.

Once we were ready to play (yes, I insisted on watching, why not!) he unscrewed the cap and he and I took turns getting him hard enough to insert himself into the masturbator. We’d readied the internal area of the stroker with a few liberal squirts of water based lubricant first to ease entry and use.

The Segzi Super Bumped Stroker was very enjoyable and effective, in fact I could tell he was really enjoying it straight away, without being too explicit. If you’re after a well made, reliable male masturbator at a fraction of the cost of some of the top name, popular brands, the Segzi Super Bumped Stroker is definitely the way to go.

He rated it a stupendous 9 out of 10 and you can’t really argue with that.

A direct quote?

“The internal area is nice and tight, just what you want. It’s easy to use and easy to clean afterwards. This one is going to stay by the bedside for whenever you’re too busy to see to my needs!”

So there you have it. Fancy trying it out for yourself? Buy the Segzi Super Bumped Stroker from Segzi for just £39.99. There’s also free standard UK delivery on all orders over £10!



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