Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review

6 out of 10
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Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review

By Lorah13

Many thanks to Cara Sutra for sending me the Satisfyer Pro Penguin to review. Recently on social media and blogs I have been seeing a lot about the Satisfyer range of sex toys and hearing nothing but good things about them. Therefore when I was chosen to review the adorable Penguin I was excited to see if it lived up to the hype.


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Most people I’ve seen compare these toys to the well known Womanizer which unfortunately I haven’t had opportunity to try. However I do own the Noire Fontaine ‘Clitorizer’ as it was called on Lovehoney (before it was discontinued) and I absolutely love that toy.  I couldn’t help but compare the Satisfyer Pro Penguin to the Clitorizer during use.

First Impressions

Before I get into using this sex toy I’ll begin by briefly mentioning the packaging and the look of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. It comes neatly packaged in a tasteful box and is shaped quite like a penguin, hence the name. It’s two tone pink with white buttons in the middle. I would’ve preferred my Satisfyer Pro Penguin to be blue and I think had it been blue it would’ve lived up to the penguin name even more. But that’s just me nit picking and doesn’t actually affect the use of the toy.

Operational buttons on the Satisfyer Pro Penguin are located in an easy to reach spot. This area also lights up during use so it’s easy to find the buttons if you are using it in the dark. There are two buttons, an on/off button and one to cycle through the vibration intensities. The toy always turns on at the lowest setting and once the highest setting has been reached continual pressing of the button will cycle back down through the speeds. I would’ve preferred separate buttons for going up and down because I never concentrate on many times I’ve pressed it which can mean I end up looking for higher settings but actually end up decreasing the strength.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin comes with a removable silicone nozzle making cleaning easy (being waterproof also helps the cleaning process) but the downside to this is that it could be easily lost and there are no spares included.

Charging Up

The charging is magnetic. I’m not a huge fan of magnetic chargers as it’s so easy to knock them out of place and interrupt the charging but this one seems to have quite strong magnets… they snap together really well. First time charging can take up to 8 hours so the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is not a toy you’re going to be able to rip open and start playing with right away. However patience is a virtue – or so they say. Whilst charging up, a light will flash. A steady light indicates that the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is fully charged.

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin seems to hold it’s charge quite well, for the amount I used it. It never died on me, though I did charge it before my last use as I didn’t want to risk it dying mid session.

How It Works

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is a suction type sex toy. It doesn’t actually suck, but the way the head seals around the clitoris and then delivers contactless pulsations makes it feel similar to gentle sucking and blowing on the clitoris. Which, if you’ve never tried it before, is an awesome sensation. If you look inside the nozzle when switched on you’ll see like a little disc just pulsing away and going faster with each click of the button. This pulsing sends vibrating air towards your clitoris without anything ever actually touching your clitoris. It’s great for anyone who finds they get numb from toys really quickly.

In The Water

First time I used the Satisfyer Pro Penguin I decided to use it in the bath. The sex toy is completely waterproof and of course I couldn’t resist a little bath time fun. My Clitorizor isn’t waterproof sadly so I couldn’t wait to see what one of these suction type toys felt like underwater. I wasn’t disappointed, as it turns out I feel that the sensations from this toy are actually intensified underwater, which is great. However, whilst I enjoyed the Satisfyer Pro Penguin underwater I discovered afterwards that I had managed to give myself friction burn. I don’t really know how but that was a bit ouchy for a few days after.

In The Dry

On dry land I used the Satisfyer Pro Penguin so many times. Any toy I get to review I like to use thoroughly before starting to write. Depending on the type of toy, this usually works out about 3 to 4 times before I feel I have a well rounded opinion on it. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin however left me puzzled every time. Did I like it? Was it as good as everyone was saying? I couldn’t decide because while I orgasmed with it, I didn’t do so easily but I still felt satisfied. I have come to the conclusion that I do like the Satisfyer Pro Penguin but I don’t love it.

Perhaps if this had been my first experience of suction type toys and had I not owned a Clitorizer I would be saying that this toy really blew me away – but when I compare it to my Clitorizer it’s just not on the same level. The Clitorizer gently draws intense orgasms out of me over and over with no effort from me whatsoever whereas the Penguin takes a lot more concentration from me and once I’ve had one orgasm (eventually) thats it, I can have no more. Well I probably could if I wanted to lie there for another couple of hours, but that one orgasm I do have still feels really good and immensely satisfying. I find with these sorts of toys I have long and deep orgasms rather than just ‘surface’ ones, if that makes any sense.


I think there are two reasons why I don’t get on as well with the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. One is the shape of the nozzle and two is the strength of vibrations. The nozzle on the Penguin is squoval (like a squared oval) and frankly rather large considering it only needs to sit around the clitoris. The nozzle on the Clitorizer is small and circular and provides a much more pinpoint precision on the clitoris.

The larger head of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin means even with parting the labia it’s still really hard to get a good pinpoint precision on the clitoris. I struggled to get a good seal as well, and to get any benefit from this toy you need a good seal so that all those vibrations reach your clitoris and don’t escape out of gaps from a break in the seal. I tried both with lube and without, but either way it wasn’t easy to get it sitting perfect.


I find the strength of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin to be really lacking on the first couple of settings. The first setting  especially I thought to myself ‘what even is the point of that?!’ when I first switched it on. I could barely feel anything from it… blowing on myself would probably have more of an effect than that first setting!

There are 11 settings in total though the last 3 are hard to differentiate between. Due to lacking power on the first couple of settings, right from the get go with the Satisfyer Pro Penguin I have to crank it up to the third or fourth setting then steadily increase as I near orgasm. Using this toy during sex is doable – but quite difficult as it tends to get knocked out of place a lot. Plus the handle is pretty short which makes it uncomfortable to hold in between two bodies.


The noise level of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is quite reasonable. It’s not silent by any means but it isn’t going to raise the roof either. It also gets a lot quieter when it’s placed on the skin though each increase in strength still increases the noise level slightly.


In conclusion: the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is cute, waterproof (which is a huge bonus) and it does work well but just not mindblowingly well. When I first discovered this sort of toy I was so sure that they wouldn’t work on me and my fussy clitoris, then the Clitorizer changed my mind quickly and easily. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin however lacks a little power and therefore unfortunately leaves me needing to put in some concentration and effort to orgasm. As I’ve said before I like it but I don’t love it, I’d give it a 6 out of 10.

– Lorah13

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