Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy Review

8 out of 10
Plastic, Silicone

Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy Review

By TigerLily

The Satisfyer Pro 2 sex toy is unlike any vibrator you’ve tried before, and isn’t really a vibrator at all. Coming in a single color – bronzish rose gold – it’s actually billed as a “clitoral stimulator”. But whatever – it’s a vibrator that doesn’t vibrate.


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Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy Review

Unlike vibrators which use motors to produce a tingly buzzing sensation or a more powerful deep rumbling, the Satisfyer sucks. I don’t mean that in the derogatory sense that it’s not very good – I mean it literally sucks. The Satisfyer Pro 2 uses a pulsating membrane, or some other kind of wizardry that no one quite understands, to stimulate your clitoris by sucking at 11 different intensities.

If you ever had someone literally sucking on your clitoris while going down on you, you’ll know that engorged and hypersensitive feeling that sucking can produce. It’s not the same kind of strong sustained suction; more like a little nibble. But it’s delightful and makes my partner cum in a few minutes.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy Review

The Satisfyer Pro 2 should ideally be used to fully envelop your clitoris with the removable, washable, silicon head – creating a seal around it. A little lube can help. The device is also fully waterproof, so it can be submerged during bath time. In fact, the water introduces an even stronger sensation. The only thing you need to worry about is wrinkly skin because you’re about to spend a whole lot of extra time in the bath.

The million dollar question I have to ask myself of any new vibrator: is the Satisfyer Pro 2 better than a Hitachi Magic Wand? Yes, and maybe no. The Hitachi is incredibly powerful and ultimately kind of numbing. Many people even suggest using a towel between yourself and the Hitachi to dull the vibrations (which also conveniently helps to soak up the inevitable juices). But while the Hitachi leaves you in a quivering mess, the Satisfyer makes you cum and still leaves you wanting more; in a good way. It doesn’t replace the sex or leave you unable to feel anything else. It’s a finely crafted tool to get the job done without breaking anything in the process. The fact you can use it in the bath is also a huge positive. It’s an entirely different experience, in fact, and one that’s found a permanent home in our toy chest.

The concept isn’t unique, however. The Womanizer was the first product its kind to the market, but along with the horrible name, the $200 price tag is quite off-putting, and it’s not waterproof. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is affordable, fun, and only a little bit ugly.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy Review

The noise level is almost whisper-quiet on the lowest setting, but ramps up quickly at higher intensity levels. Using it in the bath mostly negates this.

I do have one minor and one less minor complaint about the Satisfyer Pro 2.

The first complaint is that there’s only two buttons; one turns up the intensity, the other turns it off. If you’re midway through the 11 settings and find it a little overwhelming, you’ll need to turn it off and start from the lowest setting again. Ok, so that is a really minor complaint, but it’s something that could have been easily fixed with a better control scheme, I think. The off button is software based anyway (a long press to turn it off), so why not make it function to lower the intensity instead, with the lowest setting just being “off”?

Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy Review

My second concern is a little more … concerning. As much as the magnetic “nipple style” contact charging is convenient, it’s also a little dangerous. We leave most of our charging cables plugged in (because why wouldn’t you?), and one morning we woke up to the noxious smell of burning plastic. While sat on the floor in the typical tangle of charging cables, the Satisfyer’s exposed magnetic contacts had latched onto the magnetic head of another USB cable, closing the connection and causing a short circuit, which was overheating and burning the charging plug.

I contacted the manufacturers for a replacement cable, which they were happy to send, but only if I lived in the US – we ended up getting a replacement for the whole package from Amazon instead. My point is: don’t leave the charging cable plugged in. I would ask what this design offers that a regular micro-USB cable doesn’t, but I imagine the answer is “being waterproof”, and I don’t have the engineering background to argue with that answer. Still, a charging dock that the toy sits in would have been better.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy Review

However, not everyone is in love with their Satisfyer. Perhaps it’s the intimacy of having to pull back your labia and envelop the clitoris that others don’t enjoy: most vibrators can just be sort of shoved down there to do their job sufficiently. The Satisfyer requires a little more accurate targeting. Perhaps they find the sucking – even on the lowest setting – a little too intense, or just unfamiliar. It’s not for everyone. But then, it’s only $40, so you won’t be hurt too much if it turns out to not be for.

We give the Satisfyer Pro 2 a gloriously orgasmic 8/10 for getting the job done in a genuinely unique way, just be careful of that power cable.

– Tigerlily

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Thanks to our reviewer Tigerlily for this contributed review of the Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy.


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