Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

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Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

Following on from my recent article in which I discuss the recent trend in the adult products industry for clit suction sex toys, I recently had the pleasure of trying out the newest member of the family: the Satisfyer Pro 2. I was sent this sex toy free of charge in exchange for this fair and honest review.


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Satisfyer Pro 2 Review | Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Toy Reviews

What makes the Satisfyer Pro 2 different to the Womanizer sex toys? For me, there’s two important differences. Satisfyer Pro 2 is waterproof, whereas the Womanizer sex toys are not. The Satisfyer Pro 2 also has a wider rim on its clitoral nub (which I find much more comfortable), whereas the attachment on the Womanizer feels smaller and more circular.

In my opinion it’s these two differences which make the Satisfyer Pro 2 the best clit suction sex toy available – at this moment in time – even beating the incredibly popular and undeniably effective Womanizer. It’s also much cheaper than the Womanizer sex toys, so your bank balance will be happier too.

Satisfyer Pro 2 is a rechargeable sex toy, so you get the charging lead included in the box. It’s a USB type which suits me fine as I can charge the sex toy through my office PC, the laptop or via the USB to mains adaptor plug by my bed. The buttons light up as it’s charging which is always a pretty feature. The magnetic attachment is nice and strong – the lead doesn’t fall off the metal nodes if you happen to move the toy or knock it while charging.

Once ready to roll, I took note of the advice to put some water-based lubricant on the rim of the clitoral nub as well as over my clitoral area. I find the Satisfyer Pro 2 easier to use and more effective when my vulva is bare/clean-shaven; not only is it much easier for me to form a good seal between the clitoral nub and my skin, I find I feel sexier and so the orgasms I achieve feel stronger and more pleasurable. Purely personal experience and your preferences may vary.

My masturbation experiences with the Satisfyer Pro 2 vary quite a lot depending on how relaxed I am, what sort of mood I’m in and if it’s really the sex toy I want to be using in that moment. For me, the Satisfyer Pro 2 feels a lot like oral sex… but a new type of oral sex which actually makes me orgasm. Sometimes though, I’m not in the mood for this new (and admittedly amazing) oral sex sensation; I just want a quick fast fuck from the Doxy Wand. Other times I’ll feel more mellow and feel like I have the time to relax into the undulating sensations the Satisfyer Pro 2 provide, which gently suck and tease my clitoris into a powerful orgasm.

When the clitoral nub is in the right place for me (it does take a bit of practice), the Satisfyer Pro 2 is simply amazing. I timed myself using it and the average time from a cold start to orgasm is 6 minutes. Not bad at all. If you’re thinking 6 minutes is bloody fast then you have to realise that it takes approximately one minute with the Doxy Wand on high. As a parent, my masturbation sessions are frequently rushed and I value sex toys which can get me off FAST. The dream is a clear diary one afternoon where I’m alone, light the candles and stick on a bit of love-music, but being realistic, most days aren’t like that. I get stressed, I get horny, I want the physical release of an orgasm through masturbation and I want it now.

An advantage of the Satisfyer Pro 2 over the Doxy Wand (other than that it’s a totally different stimulation style) is that it’s much quieter. I’m comparing these two sex toys because they’re both in my ‘top drawer’ of sex toys I reach for when I want an orgasm. That’s the only thing that connects them really; the fact I like to use them. Oh I’m not saying the Satisfyer Pro 2 is silent, despite the manufacturer claims of quietness. Compared to an RO-80 bullet vibrator there’s a definite and perceivable continual ‘grumble’ under the covers when I use the Satisfyer Pro 2, however this does dissipate somewhat once the seal between toy and clitoral area is formed. I don’t have any qualms about using the Satisfyer Pro 2 in my bedroom under the duvet with the family downstairs.

A big part of why I like the Satisfyer Pro 2 so much (and why it wins out against the Womanizer for me) is that it’s waterproof. Not because I’m particularly bothered about using it in the bath or shower – I actually prefer using it ‘in the dry’ – but because it means I can submerge it while washing and I don’t have to do that careful spritz and wipe and let’s hope it’s hygienically clean thing. The silicone clitoral nub is easily popped out from the main plastic body of the toy so you can wash it incredibly thoroughly with soapy water/toy cleaning brushes/anti bac spray – whatever your toy cleaning regime consists of. It’s easily replaced on the toy once it’s clean and dry.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review | Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Toy Reviews

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is stated to have various settings. You power up the sex toy with the circular button and then go through the different settings with the longer button. This is where I got a bit baffled, because yes I can tell there’s a stronger undulating suction with a press or two, but after that… I just don’t know. I can’t tell if there’s a different time delay between suctions or if there’s meant to be any type of pulse settings. This could be because I’m too busy having a powerful oral-sex-style orgasm in about 6 minutes of use, I guess. I don’t think a sex toy like this really needs a shedload of settings. It just needs to work consistently and deliver those orgasms. And that’s what it does.

I have enjoyed testing the Satisfyer Pro 2 and it’s one of those rare sex toys that I’ll still reach for regularly long after this review has been published. It’s my favourite oral sex simulating sex toy – and despite not being able to orgasm from oral sex from a person, the Satisfyer Pro 2 can leave me satiated and satisfied whenever I’m in that mood.

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