Satisfyer Partner Whale Review

6 out of 10

Satisfyer Partner Whale Review

By Voluptuous Vixen

Satisfyer and its sister company, Partner, have teamed up to make a funky new couples toy, the Satisfyer Partner Whale. The product resembles a streamlined blue whale. With two strong motors, the new couples vibrator will provide plenty of stimulation and fun for couples. The Satisfyer Partner Whale is designed to stimulate both couples at the same time, but can also be used solo for those with a clitoris and vagina.


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Many people will be familiar with similar products, such as the We-Vibe couples vibrators. I own the 4 plus, I can use in comparison to the Satisfyer Partner Whale.


The Satisfyer Partner Whale comes in a simple, small box that will be easy to discard into your bin without people realising that it’s a sex toy. It does show images of the whale and on the back a small diagram on how it’s used.

Inside The Box

On opening the box, you’ll find the Satisfyer Partner Whale with a magnetic USB charging cable and an instructions leaflet. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a storage bag, nor does it have a remote control like you get with the We-Vibe sex toys. I was a bit disappointed by this, I find using a remote control far easier than having to reach down in between myself and my partner. At 64.90 Euros, I understand that it has been made to be more affordable, but I’d pay a little more to have a remote control.

First Impressions

My first impressions of the Satisfyer Partner Whale is that it is pretty funky and pleasing to the eye. Although it’s shape is similar to my We-vibe 4+, I love that it is blue and not the usual boring and ridiculously feminine pinks or purples. It does actually resemble the marine mammal itself, with its flat head and ventral pleats (grooves) underneath.

Satisfyer Partner Whale Review

It is made of the most silky of silicones and isn’t grabby, so it doesn’t attract every bit of dust, lint or cat hairs! The charging connection is just below the power button, with easy click and connect magnets.

Satisfyer Partner Whale Review

You’ll find that the Satisfyer Partner Whale is fully waterproof, so he can take a splash with you in the bath tub or shower. I’ve not used him in either, yet, but have given him a test run in a full sink of water and he works just fine. There are no leakages from the seam free silicone and the charging magnets work fine.

A 2 hour charge will provide 1 hours play.


The power button situated partly on the curve on top,  is rippled, so it is easyish to find, more so if I use it solo. Oddly, the vibrations start on the highest vibration which is a shock at first as it is highly buzzy. Continue to press the button to go down to the other two, steady vibrations and the 7 various patterns.

Satisfyer Partner Whale Review

There are two motors, one on the head and one on the tail. They both have the same power – buzzy! The motors aren’t particularly loud, so if you need discretion, the Satisfyer Partner Whale would be perfect for you.

During Use

During use on my own or with my partner, I struggle to use the power button. My arms are too short, being a plus size lady, my tummy and thighs are in the way and when my partner comes into the mix, it’s virtually impossible. This is where a remote control comes in handy. What I have to do, is find a setting I like and insert it whilst it is vibrating and just stick to that one. Rather frustrating!

The Satisfyer Partner Whale will stay in place during sex and my partner enjoys the buzzy vibrations. Shame that I don’t. I find high pitch buzzing to be irritating on my clit. It feels like I’ve got a  100 wasps stinging away on me. There’s no option to turn off one motor whilst leaving the other on. I can put up with buzzing inside my vagina, but my clit is too sensitive to put up with the buzz.

In Conclusion

Overall, I really like the look of the Satisfyer Partner Whale, I adore the colour and shape and how  flexible it is to fit to my body shape, however the motors and lack of remote control, really let it down for me.

Satisfyer Partner Whale Review

I much prefer my We-Vibe 4+ and doubt that the whale will be getting another outing again any time soon. If you are really into buzzy vibrations, you’ll love the Satisfyer Partner Whale. If you prefer a rumble, I’d suggest saving up for one of the We-Vibe couples toys.

I’d give it a 6/10.

– Voluptuous Vixen

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