Satisfyer Men Rocco Siffredi Masturbator Review

3 out of 10

Satisfyer Men Rocco Siffredi Masturbator Review

By Tim Cash

Ever since I tried a Fleshlight, I found that adding a masturbator to my ‘personal time’ occasionally was a nice little treat. We even found ways to working it into our shared intimate time. When the Satisfyer Men Rocco Siffredi Masturbator appeared on Cara Sutra’s sex toy tester products list, I thought that it would be nice to add a bit of variety, especially because of the promises advertised by the porn star Rocco Siffredi, claiming that it gave him the best ever orgasms!


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The Satisfyer Men Rocco Siffredi Masturbator packaging appealed to my sense of aesthetics. Black, and bit of chrome and a splash of blue is definitely well targeted to the male market. The porn star Rocco Siffredi is rather nicely dressed on the back, repeating the claim that the masturbator performs better than 5000 ladies. Admittedly I had to Google Rocco, but apparently he is a big name in porn.

Opening the box, my first impressions of the Satisfyer Men Rocco Siffredi Masturbator were positive. The hard outer casing feels solid and well made. There are softer panels on either side which helped with grip, and could be used to pump air in and increase the tightness while it is in use. The narrow end twists off, to give varying levels of suction by controlling how much air can enter. It appeared to be a well thought through product.

Satisfyer Men Rocco Siffredi Masturbator Review

I did struggle to remove the top, though. The idea is that you should squeeze the sides in to release the catches and access the soft material [Cyberskin, aka TPE] within, but it is not a brilliant mechanism and took a bit of yanking to get it open. Once inside, the material is very soft! It has a very luxurious feel to it, and I imagined that it would feel amazing with a bit of water based lube, sliding in and out.

It is recommended that you take the insides out, and leave them in a bowl of warm water to make it feel more realistic. I really struggled to get the hard plastic middle section out, and then to get it back in again. There is no obvious trick to this, and I mostly used brute force, which did work in the end!

Once I had the middle warm and all back together, I could not wait to give the Satisfyer Men Rocco Siffredi Masturbator a go… and I must say, I was very disappointed. I tried a bit of water based lube, and attempted to enter it, but it is just too small!

As the material is solidly packed in, with no space for it to move out of the way, I just could not get my member in. I tried a few times, using more lube, or removing the air control end to let the material move, but nothing I could do made the masturbator comfortable. I haven’t got a huge package but it is definitely not tiny. I would guess that if you have a girth of over 5 inches, you are going to have similar issues. This seems very strange, as I would guess that Rocco Siffredi has a substantial phallus, and do not think that he would be able to use this at all, meaning that quoting him saying that it gave him the best orgasm ever might not be entirely truthful.

Satisfyer Men Rocco Siffredi Masturbator Review

I tried to use the air pump to make it feel tighter, but due to how tight it was already, I could not see any reason for it. It annoyingly doesn’t make it clear how to remove the air once it was pumped in, making it more uncomfortable for me.

Cleaning up after my failed attempts was nice and simple. Running water, sex toy cleaner, and drying it by turning it inside out was nice and simple. I did note after the 3rd use that the material appears to have been worn through in places. The material also collects dust even when sealed up in our toy drawer. I guess that that is the price you pay for such lovely soft material!


While most of this product is very well made, the lack of space meant that I was disappointed. With a few changes to the design, it could be a good product. Making it compatible with larger sizes, making the material more hard wearing, and making the air pump more user friendly would be a good start!


– Tim Cash

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Thanks to our reviewer Tim Cash for this review of the Satisfyer Men Rocco Siffredi Masturbator.


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